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Thursday, November 8, 2007

My little brother


Literally he is little. Our youngest sibling was believed to be "pinaglihi"to the Sto. Nino thus he has that small stature. When we stand side by side he would just be up to my waist. That’s my little bro, and I love him.

After his birth I remember that he suffered suffocation. Good our eldest brother was there to revive him. He gave him another shot in life. He was very white back then and as my sisters says “cute”. Some say he was a lucky charm in the family. If you would notice most of all my kinsmen or relatives are really tall. Most people in our place say that if they hear our surname surely they would picture a tall person.

He has this inferiority complex when he was young. But as time passes by he became dark skin due to his constant going out with his small bike. Sometimes we would find out that he join our cousins going to the beach with telling our parents. He was funny most of the time. He would always smile at person and he easily connects to people.

He is supposed to attend vocational school but he has not enrolled yet. Right now he is helping our mother in her feeds business in our small barrio. Because of this he came to be popular since he attends to all my mom’s customers. Even though he is small he can drag a sack of 50kg feeds. They call him manager. I remember back then when I was still a seminarian. People will call me "father" when I am back home. Even people I don’t know knew me. Even little kids knew me and they would call me “Father Louie” but today my fame has faded; it’s my little brothers era.

In case you see him don’t hesitate to call him. His name is George and surely he will reply with a sweet smile.

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