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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coffee moments

For nearly a year, I have not bought a gourmet coffee.

There's no Starbucks here in Guam. Even Gloria Jeans and other well known coffee shops have not yet penetrated this market. Two shops that have set foot here is Java Hut and Coffee Beanery. I am a coffee addict while I was still in the Philippines(I stop by GJ in the morning before going to work and pass by GJ to grab a cup of cappuccino or latte after a hard day's work). I have started to differentiate these two shops.

Right now I like Java hut. Their coffee are not comparable to Starbucks but they are good enough to quench the thirst of a coffee addict like me.

Coffee Beanery on the other hand is like Seattle's Best coffee. Their cappuccino is strong. One of the things that made me stick to Java hut is price. I can get the same cup of coffee at $3.75 at Java hut but at $4.50 at Coffee Beanery.

Well for the love of coffee....let's drink to our addiction.

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Pacman vs. Hatton

May 3 will be the day.

We Filipinos have long waited for another of our very own Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's fight. This time he will face the Hitman from UK, Ricky Hatton.

Some boxing aficionados predict that this fight will be bloody. These two fighters have been known for their endurance and strength, thus many say that this fight will be bloody.

The event will be in Las Vegas. Though there are issues with the A(H1N1) virus scare, fight organizers made sure that such venue is well monitored for possible contamination. But besides that all will be a rumble.

We cheer for you Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, Philippines's Pambansang Kamao!

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Got curious with Red Mobile

I have heard and read in some blog and newspaper regarding the a new 3G provider. The news was during the time when cellular companies have started applying with NTC for the new service. One of those names was Red Mobile.

Was able to check there site and seen their rates. Has some of you guys have already use such service?If so please advice if its a good service since they're service is all 3G based.

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Extra Extra..................Swine no more!!!!

The World Health Organization(WHO) has change the name swine flu virus to A(H1N1).

It was reported that the terminology "Swine flu" has confused people thinking that such disease can be caused by eating pork. Also it was reported that such term raises discriminatory effect to the Hebrews and Muslim people who does not eat pork.

As per reports, the A(H1N1) virus is made up of genetic elements from four different flu viruses – North American Mexican influenza, North American avian influenza, human influenza, and swine influenza virus typically found in Asia and Europe – an unusually mongrelised mix of genetic sequences.This new strain appears to be a result of reassortment of human influenza and swine influenza viruses, in all four different strains of subtype H1N1(Please see picture).

We hope we can survive this flu scare as we have surpassed Bird flu and SARS.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Utada Hikaru


I have been her avid fan even though I don't understand some of her music. I first knew about this Japanese superstar in her music video Sakura Drops while of course watching MTV back in my college years.

She is currently doing music in English and also doing collaboration music with American superstars. Her latest hit, Come back to me, has been hitting top ten in local radio waves here in Guam.

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Eating at Max's

It is one of my favorite resto in the Philippines. What this restaurant boast is their fried chicken. The way it is cooked makes a lot of difference. Together with other entrees in their menu you will surely enjoy eating in this place.

Bon appetit

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu on the rise!!!!

The news are filled about the rising swine flu related deaths in Mexico. It has been also noted to exist in other parts of the world particularly the United States near the borders of Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea and others.

Symptoms of the said diease are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort. People are staring to get themselves ready for the this disease. It was reported that such virus is airborne thus it is easily transfered to another. Thus everyone is cautioned to cover one's mouth when coughing or if someone coughs. In our office at MD Wholesale here in Guam, orders for mask is starting to pick up. One customer told us that the effected mask for such virus is 3M's N95 Particulate mask.

Human contact is also one of the way this virus is transfered thus everyone is advice to wash hands and avoid kissing cheeks. Another item that is on demand is hand sanitizer or disinfectant.

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Hunger and Poverty in my country

Back in my country, Philippines, poverty is widespread. Even though you see advancement in infrastructure, you can see the face of poverty and hunger in the slums within the city. You can see small children spending the night in the streets, looking in trash bins for left over and throw away foods to satisfy their grumbling stomachs.

For my personal view one of the reasons why amidst the advancement in my country, people in the low level have lost hope to rise up and bring back dignity in their lives. Some of this poverty stricken people are capable of a decent job to bring food in their table. The problem is they don't realize their capacity to be fruitful, as I barrow a line from a the Gawad Kalinga founder, Tony Meloto, "They have lost to dream".

We people who are in good standing and the governments should be able to bring back to this people the dignity to rise up from this poverty and lead these people to be self sufficient and in turn help other people to realize their potential.

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