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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watching music videos in the tube: a déjà vu feeling and a concern at the same time

It has been awhile since I watched music videos in TV. Watching it from the net is very different from watching it on TV. In the net you can search the one that you want to see but in TV whatever they are currently playing is the one you going to watch or you can press the power button to shut it down if you don’t like it.

I was tuned into MTV’s AMTV and VH1’s Jumpstart. The first one I saw was at MTV titled “Live like were dying.” I already heard this in the radio but seeing it is different. The artist, , is new to me. I like the combination of the usual singing plus the speed rapping he does. It kinda pace up your rhythm. Then I have been hearing this new song also in radio it’s sung by featuring Ludacris. The title is “Baby” and the lyrics is kinda cute…the typical teen music.
Then I saw rapper featuring Justin Timberlake. For my personal opinion most videos these days are sexual oriented and some language is explicit. That is why the young viewers are absorbing and manifesting these bad behavior due to the influence of their environment. Yes we can argue that the environment is co-incidental to a person’s persona and the choice is really theirs to make. The youth of today are independent and that has two way effect. One is that they are able to take charge of what they really want and the other is that the standard they abide is the one that is what they have grown into thus having such exposure to media with sexual content and language makes them have this kind of thinking.

I am not entirely against media or music video, I truly love them. Only that there should be responsibility because we cannot stop young people to view these videos because they have that right to choose. The youth of today needs guidance but not to strict just like before. They are vulnerable. I just saw the news regarding a boy beating nearly to death a girl in school because of a text message. The boy who is about 14 years old might be judge as an adult according to the news because as per the disposition the act was premeditated. Simple actions or words might have different interpretations because of the influences the youth of today are receiving daily.
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