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Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Happy

With the advent of technology, pictures are easily shared across the wires and across the globe. To the extreme, film can be easily made and shared to the internet. Life is now captured not only in a moment, but every single moment of it.

Looking at my friends profile, I feel kinda envious. I can see their happy faces in the photos that they posted on social networks. Looking into my own profile, it seems that I am all left alone and happiness is drained out of me. Probably I lost the passion to post and to write about the things that I feel. To the point that all is just passing by.

Sometimes I also wonder if the pictures posted are handpick only to show what each and everyone wanted to be seen. Nobody wanted to show one's bad story. Everybody lies. But as I always remember that being happy is one's choice and not the product of circumstances. But we are only human, most of the time we are irrational due to our poor foresight on our sorroundings. Life is a choice but to tell you the truth I myself have hard time choosing to be happy . Everyone is playing the game of life in a plain playing field.

Happiness is one's choice.

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