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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Having a life

New Year’s Eve and the usual topic will around us making New Year’s resolution. How was the year that is about to leave and what we look forward to the year to come will the common talks in TV shows and the usual yearend report will be run by news channels. Both good and bad events are sited at the same time people that shook the year will be talk about. The significance of each item will be analyzed and will be made as focal point for the coming year.

Of course don’t forget the predictions. Chinese and western astrologers will be consulted. Scientist, political analyst, and economist will say their views on the coming year’s outlook if it will be a good weather, political scene will be peaceful or the economy will plunge down again or will rebound back.

What then is a life which is always based on the times that has passed? Yes the past is our way of looking into the future. We make it our reference point to what direction are we bound to. But is it our choice. How we live our life solely depends on our hands. It is what we want that what will happen. If so then the past years misfortunes, sickness, and depression was our choice. Sad to say those were our choice. There is no one to blame for the poor performance that we have than ourselves. And yet we complain and begin to look for someone to blame. And in the coming year we consult the astrologers and analyst so that we won’t blame ourselves when we fall short on our expectations. We put the blame on them.

Having a life is not putting the decision on someone’s opinion. It is rather an action we must take no matter how uncertain the times may be. If we don’t make a decision and not move to action then we will never move forward; we will always be in the same place we have always use to be.

To have a life then is to make a decision, an action. One must pull oneself and be brave to face what is to come….for tomorrow is always a surprise.

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