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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When Boredom comes part what?

Hahaha sorry about my last post. I was angry that day and wanted to write my anger in my blog but the moment I tried to type and put to words the feeling it was hard. 

I am not that kind of angry person that would start throwing foul words. I don't know why, I never say the S***, F***, and the rest of all the words which the young of today seems just a word of expression. I was angry because I am put in the middle of the warring parties. I felt trap and paralyze. I don't know which to side on. My mind started thinking why. Reasons come crashing to me that these people have no respect of me anymore and as if I owe anyone of them. In fact I never owe any one of them, they owe me big time.

Well it has been more than a week that I am having problem sleeping. Not only that there is something bothering me mentally but also physically. My body aches and my mind seems thinking of thinking of possibilities of how I would get into a car accident. Also my other problem has re-surface. I have figure out why I am doing that and also found the solution but the recent stress and my dreams and goals seem to pull me back to it. Now how will I ever find the one if the same old me, the one that I am not, keeps on coming and wanting to take over the real me.

Don't worry I am not a psycho. I just wanted to put to words the feeling deep down my subconscious. It will soon pass. All I need is to face it and find the reason why and from there figure out the solution. I want a better me, a better Louis. Do I need help? Oh yes I do. I need your prayers and enabling words. 

I will because I can. 

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