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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Am I lucky?

I thought it was a joke being played on me. I was drag to a birthday/campaign party of one of the politicians here in Guam. It was my co-worker’s uncle thus we can’t say no when an invitation shows up. I was not supposed to be there but my brother-in-law asks me to be there so that I can have a feel on Guam politics.

So we ate and listen to the music and there was a raffle. My co-employee insisted on buying ticket for the raffle but he has no lose change. I had $20 and so he bought a $10 dollar worth of tickets saying that if ever any of the tickets win it will go to me. As the winning tickets were drawn our hopes were down since most of the numbers were very far from our numbers. And then it came to the grand prize…I wasn’t taking anymore chances that I may win it but God does make us smile in the most wondrous ways….I won the grand prize!

At first I was happy because I won and then it dawn in me…how will I use that winning….I am busy at work and I have a lot to catch up. I’m telling myself this is a headache. Then my mind says that well you can sell it…yeah so that solves the problem.

Upon arriving at my apartment another thought came to me…maybe God wanted you to take a break and enjoy your life thus you got the prize. Probably that’s correct because I have been working and have no time for myself lately. Never really have a social life due to my inability to move around due to my not having a license and that there is not much place I can stay and enjoy the passing of time but only the four corners of the apartment….probably God wants me to go back to my home base….see my dearly family and my crazy friends and probably have again our weekly attendance at the Feast waving and putting our hands up in worshiping Him and having our silly chit chats over lunch and coffee talking about personal opinions and personal hurts and sharing advice on how to cope up with this irrational, complicated, yet wondrous world.

But up to now I am still dumbfounded and undecided regarding my prize…I should make a decision sooner or later or else I will forfeit it. I won a roundtrip ticket to Manila….and boy it sure makes me think what best choice to do with it: sell it or use it.

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