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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why does Jesus have to die in the cross?

Death in the cross was the most shameful way to die in the Roman times. A cross was the symbol of disgrace. Criminals die in the cross...nailed let there die.

I was able to watch a documentary regarding the quest of knowing if the image in the Shroud of Turin is Jesus or not. I noticed that the documentary keeps on repeating that the story is about wether that the image in the shroud is the image of Jesus or not. It has been the mission of the 3D artist to know how Jesus looks like based on the image on the Shroud of Turin. In his quest he work hand in hand with the members f STURP(Shroud of Turin Research Project). Based on he data he gathered the man that was covered with the shroud was brutally beaten. in his back and legs where marks of scratches and wounds. a wound that could have been made by nailing was found in his wrist and feet. A deep wound was also found in his side...similarly of that of our Lord Jesus.

Jesus died for us to set an example of love. Jesus loves us, He loves us to the point of giving His life. The greatest way of teaching is by way of an example. He also have to die to teach us about the resurrection. If Jesus never died then how will He resurrect. Thus He has to die in order for us to understand the love of God that one day we will rise form the dead just as He has risen. That is why he has to day like ordinary man so that He can show us how our God loves us. 

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