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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Bleed Art?

Why Bleed Art that is the question?

As I check out their site the name says it all. Bleed Art is a place where creators and artist converge to turn idea into reality.

Many of us have great ideas. It may be a campaign for a cause, a new product, a new restaurant, or a new service. An idea should be said in an image that says it all. Something that an ordinary person can associate such service, product or cause. That is where artist come in. Graphic artist/designers have the talent to create great logos or image but they don't have all the ideas that will be embodied in their work thus the word "bleed" that means to force out the idea and make it a reality is use.

Bleed Art is a place where ideas and talent meet. You can check their site and read their policy. There are some works that are free where you can recreate and remodel base on your idea. Or better yet contact them and discuss your ideas and they will work with you to materialize your idea.

For graphic artist who have a portfolio of creation, you can sign up and have your works be seen and be put for sale. Just go to their sell your art tab and sign up.

To learn more about Bleed Art you can drop then an email, click here to send one now.

Want to check out their art portfolio? Click here.
Below are some of their listed works:

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not knowing what to do


This post is a free writing one, please bear with me.

I only have  about 3 more weeks here in Guam, because my Visa expires on the 26 of this month and no word yet from the lawyer processing my application for extension. Before I came here the plan I had was only for three years to help my brother-in-law in his business in regards to accounting matters. But since working here I have to do other things since it is just a small business.

Right now I don't know where or what will I do. I have not yet prepared for such, it seems that I found myself lost. I am already 29 and what job opportunities are there yet in the Philippines that will employ me. I dreamed of establishing my accounting practice back in the Philippines but there are so many requirements to be attained first, also I planned to operate a franchise but it seems that I lack experience in that area, or maybe earn through online marketing but until now I have not yet found the secret to really earn by it.

So many things that I wanted to do but I find no time to do it. I don't want to be employed by the age of 40, I wanted to be the boss of my own empire by that age....and my dream is to have alot more free time to help in charitable and civic programs. 

I believed I am financially free but the idea of not possibly having a means of living for some time makes me re-think my position. How will I face this dilemma again? 

I still believe in the power of desire and yet doubt runs me over.

What I desire I can make into reality, what I focus on and work on is achievable but what do I desire?what do I really wanted in life? Am I one of the person of this world who have always been lost?

Where will I go? So much to take of, so many to fix, and no time to prepare.

 Help me God, open my mind and lead me.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nuffnang earnigs!

I am also using Nuffnang, a Malaysian company that is like Adsense, but has forgotten it already due to the no earnings activity from it. It is the same as Adsense but they require that visitors are from the Asia-Pacific including Australia. Also they don't allow competing ad company.

So just today I was happy to learn that I earned Php 25 something from Nuffnung through my Louis Vuitton Bag Search blog. I was reminded that I got about Php 1,975.00 more to go till I got my payment from running their ad campaigns. Well not bad if I got that earnings in I think 9 months than from Adsense which is about 1.5 years. But what is really needed to drive traffic specially from the Asia-Pacific region?

Any ideas guys, your welcome to share here by leaving comments. Probably you can tell us your secret keywords or your secret topics. Nuffnangers out there hope you can add some knowledge to better increase traffic and page visits.

To learn more about Nuffnang go to their site and choose your country.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence piano solo by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Here is Ryuichi Sakamoto's solo performance of the music Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - sung by Utada Hikaru and music by Ryuichi Sakamoto

As I searched Youtube for new videos of Ryuichi Sakamoto I stumbled at Utada Hikaru's rendition and some sort of remix of the song Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Check out her Myspace page for more info

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Discovering Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto is a Japanese musician, composer, record producer and actor, based in New York and Tokyo. He played keyboards in the influential Japanese electropop  band Yellow Magic Orchestra. His 1999 musical composition "Energy Flow" is the first number-one instrumental  single in Japan's Oricon charts history.

Sakamoto attended the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where he earned a B.A. in music composition and an M.A. with special emphasis on both electronic and ethnic music.

After working as a session musician, he formed the internationally successful synthpop trio Yellow Magic Orchestra, with Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi.

Sakamoto released his first solo album, The Thousand Knives of Ryūichi Sakamoto, in 1978. The album includes the songs "Thousand Knives" and "The End of Asia."

Following the disbanding of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sakamoto released a number of solo albums in the 1980s. While primarily focused on the piano and synthesizer, this series of albums boasted a roster of collaborators that included David Sylvian, David Byrne, Thomas Dolby, Nam June Paik, and Iggy Pop, among others. Sakamoto would alternate between exploring a variety of musical styles, ideas, and genres — captured most notably in his groundbreaking 1983 album Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia — and focusing on a specific subject or theme, such as the Italian Futurism movement in Futurista (1986). At times, Sakamoto would also present varying interpretations of technology's intersection with music: He would present some pieces, such as "Replica," with Kraftwerkian rigidity and order, while he would infuse humanity and humor into others — "Broadway Boogie Woogie," for example, liberally lifts samples from Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner and pairs them with a raucous, sax-driven techno-pop backdrop.

As his solo career began to extend outside Japan in the late 1980s, Sakamoto's explorations, influences, and collaborators followed suit. Beauty (1989) boasted a tracklist that combined pop and traditional Japanese and Okinawan songs, yet featured guest appearances by Jill Jones, Brian Wilson, and Robbie Robertson. Heartbeat (1991) and Sweet Revenge (1994), meanwhile, looked to international horizons and worked with a global range of artists such as Dee Dee Brave, Marco Prince, Arto Lindsay, Youssou N'Dour, David Sylvian, and Ingrid Chavez. 1996 saw the appearance of two notable albums: Smoochy, which fused pop and electronica with bossa nova and other South American forms, and 1996, which featured a number of previously released pieces arranged for solo piano, accompanied with violin and cello.

Following 1996, Sakamoto simultaneously delved into the classical and "post-techno" genres with Discord (1998), an hour-long orchestral work in four parts. Here he evoked the melodic qualities of his film score work, imbued with the influence of 20th century classical composers and spoken word. The Sony Classical release also featured an interactive CD-ROM component and website that complemented the work. Shortly thereafter, the Ninja Tune record label released a series of remixes of various sections, produced by a number of prominent electronica artists, including Amon Tobin, Talvin Singh and DJ Spooky.

The next album, BTTB (1998) — an acronym for "Back to the Basics" — was a fairly opaque reaction to the prior year's multilayered, lushly orchestrated Discord. The album comprised a series of original pieces on solo piano, including "Energy Flow" (a major hit in Japan) and a frenetic, four-hand arrangement of the Yellow Magic Orchestra classic "Tong Poo." On the BTTB U.S. tour, he opened the show performing a brief avant-garde DJ set under the stage name DJ Lovegroove.

1999 saw the long-awaited release of Sakamoto's "opera" LIFE. It premiered with seven sold-out performances in Tokyo and Osaka. This ambitious multi-genre multi-media project featured contributions by over 100 performers, including Pina Bausch, Bernardo Bertolucci, Josep Carreras, His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Salman Rushdie.

Sakamoto later teamed with cellist Jaques Morelenbaum (a member of his 1996 trio), and Morelenbaum's wife, Paula, on a pair of albums celebrating the work of bossa nova pioneer Antonio Carlos Jobim. They recorded their first album, Casa (2001), mostly in Jobim's home studio in Rio de Janeiro, with Sakamoto performing on the late Jobim's grand piano. The album was well received, having been included in the list of New York Times's top albums of 2002.

Recently, Sakamoto collaborated with Alva Noto (an alias of Carsten Nicolai) to release Vrioon, an album of Sakamoto's piano clusters treated by Nicolai's unique style of digital manipulation, involving the creation of "micro-loops" and minimal percussion. The two produced this work by passing the pieces back and forth until both were satisfied with the result. This debut, released on German label Raster-Noton, was voted record of the year 2004 in the electronica category by British magazine The Wire. They later released Insen (2005) — while produced in a similar manner to Vrioon, this album is somewhat more restrained and minimalist.

Meanwhile, Sakamoto continues to craft music to suit any context: In 2005, Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia hired Sakamoto to compose ring and alert tones for their high-end phone, the Nokia 8800. A recent reunion with YMO pals Hosono and Takahashi also caused a stir in the Japanese press. They released a single "Rescue" in 2007 and a DVD "HAS/YMO" in 2008.

Sakamoto's latest album, Out Of Noise, was released on March 4, 2009 in Japan.

In July 2009 Sakamoto was honored as Officier of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres at the French Embassy in Tokyo.
[edit] Film composer and actor

Moviegoers may recognize Sakamoto primarily through his score work on two films: Nagisa Oshima's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983), including the duet "Forbidden Colours" with David Sylvian, and Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor (1987), the latter of which earned him the Academy Award with fellow composers David Byrne and Cong Su. In that same year he composed the score to the cult-classic anime: Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise.

Frequent collaborator David Sylvian contributed lead vocals to "Forbidden Colours" - the main theme to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - which became a minor hit. Sixteen years later, the piece resurfaced as a popular dance track called "Heart of Asia" (by the group Watergate).

Other films scored by Sakamoto include Pedro Almodóvar's Tacones lejanos (1992); Bertolucci's The Little Buddha (1993); Oliver Stone's Wild Palms (1993); John Maybury's Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (1998); Brian De Palma's Snake Eyes (1998) and Femme Fatale (2002), and Oshima's Gohatto (1999). He also composed the score of the opening ceremony for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, telecast live to an audience of over a billion viewers.

Several tracks from Sakamoto's earlier solo albums have also appeared in film soundtracks. In particular, variations of "Chinsagu No Hana" (from Beauty) and "Bibo No Aozora" (from 1996) provide the poignant closing pieces for Sue Brooks's Japanese Story (2003) and Alejandro González Iñárritu's Babel (2006), respectively.

Sakamoto has also acted in several films: perhaps his most notable performance was as the conflicted Captain Yonoi in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, alongside Takeshi Kitano and British rock singer David Bowie. He also played small roles in The Last Emperor and Madonna's "Rain" music video. He is featured extensively as an interview subject, alongside fellow Y.M.O. band-mate Yukihiro Takahashi, in the 2009 documentary film about lyricist and collaborator Chris Mosdell entitled Ink Music: In the Land of the Hundred-Tongued Lyricist. The film's soundtrack also features several of Sakamoto's Y.M.O. songs, as well as some of his solo material.

His music is so nice. The instrumentals are so nice to listen to. 

Its a different style, its a soft instrumental electronic pop type.

Go to to listen to sample music of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music Therapy


Our present life is inflicted with so many distractions.

The moment we wake up and our goal is to start it right but our bodies just dont cooperate. We end up lying down telling oursleves five more minutes. Five becomes ten and in no time we will be rushing to catch 
our bus or dodge traffic. Along the way we grab any food we can take hold to in the refrigerator or buy something on the way to work. Upon coming to work we are ask to do this and that and end up scratching our heads. Then the body starts to react. Probably an ache in the stomach for not eatoing healthy or mayber body pains due to lack of sleep and strecth muscles cause by your day to day grind.

Stress comes knocking at your doorsteps. The questionnow is how do you unstress?

My personal way is through music therapy. Some would say "karaoke" but I that doesnt really take out stress. Probably temporary. Listening to soothing music calms not only te body but the soul as well. Sometimes strange that it may seem rock music calls you. Some will even be more surprise if foreign language will calm you, I listen to Utada Hikaru and I like it even though I dont understand a single Nippongo word.

Music has that effect becuase of the waves. The waves in a way blend with your body's own waves and at some point a level will exactly make the right mix in the body, mind, and soul. Creating that unstressing effect.

Music sometimes brings back memories. That is why we play "We are the champions" every after a basketball championship to have that victorios feeling. We play music to empower ourselves. When we hear a music with good rythym, we start to move our body and dance. Times music puts us in a trance that makes us separate that aching feeling in the body and in due time fix itself.

So have that music time. Most of us have our Ipod or MP3 player in your mobile phone. Unstress.

Sit down and listen.

Some free music sites:

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Apple's Iphone VS. Google's Android

Apple recently announced its new generation of iPhone. Steve Jobs presented the new iPhone using its latest apps that enables video-conferencing. Also the new iPhone has clearer screen and thinner body as compared to the last version.

Just a while ago I got an email update from Lifehacker comparing iPhone to Android. Check below list for the comparison:

A friend of mine, Toni-Jon Keith, mentioned in his last tweet that android is better than iPhone. I guess probably it all boils down to the user. If you are an Apple fan you would be raving about the latest iPhone but if not probably Android would be your best bet against the iPhone.

For your own thoughts you can leave opinions at comment.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

For all incoming nursing students in Guam it is wiser to buy your supplies before the school year starts

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perry Ellis pants I found in Tamuning, Guam

I was out one Saturday shopping for a pair of pants in Ross here in Guam at the Guam Premier Outlet in Tamuning. The usual brand I know are always there but there is this name that is alien to me, Perry Ellis.

I am not that brand conscious. I would rather buy something that fits me well and that with a great fabric. I always touch the fabric and feel its texture and and if allows my skin to breathe. I got my size and look for another one and both tried them. I ended up buying both. I know this brand is not cheap. I was fortunate to see one available at Ross. 

You might wonder why is Louis blogging about pants? I think clothing is one of the tools we use today not to cover our skins but a way of telling the world who we are. Some people buy expensive things thinking it will make them look expensive. Thus the tiangge and surplus shops are booming business because it has been a mentality to  that wearing branded clothing will bring you places. In reality forcing oneself to such social strata by mimicking those that are on that group only lowers ones true self. In a way your measure of success is unclear and it has been your neighbor's standard that becomes your metric.

Success is not define by standards of an elite group of people rather success comes when you are satisfied with what one has set for himself. I did not buy those Perry Ellis jeans because I want to be one of those Perry Ellis collector but I bought it because it feels good when I wear it. I am satisfied. 

A lot of people now a days are shopaholic and impulsive buyers. Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to tame the green envy?

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

On birthdays and growing old

It's my birthday today, May 23. 

It has been my long tradition not to celebrate my birthday. I usually just  spend it with my siblings or some close friends. The very first time I blew a birthday cake was on my 25th birthday. But today I won't be doing that, I'm to old for that. I am just here in my favorite coffee shop sipping my latte and listening to Parokya ni Edgar's Gitara. I just watched Robin Hood as a birthday gift to myself. I don't need expensive gift to be happy. Right now I am just chilling and blogging things that wonders in the corners of my mind.

As I look back and ponder I realize I am growing old. Just like my friend Agnes said to me "Kuya ang tanda mo na mag-asawa ka na." Funny but there is truth in what she says. Most of my friends, college batchmates, and former co-worker are settled. They chose a path to the married life and almost everyone always ask me that question. But in reality I'm not annoyed by it. But at the same time a I am thinking why am I single to date.

Let me first give you a background of me if you don't know me personally. I finished high school in a seminary and in our class yearbook's I was named to be the next Pope. In my first year of college any girl my classmates seen with me thinks we are together already. And at work many always pair me with someone in the office specially the gorgeous ones. I am not bragging that I am the very good looking type I guess people around me see something different in me or I am just being frame up or force to something that I have no idea myself. I am puzzled myself why other people see me that way.

I posted a question regarding soulmates. And the answers were interesting. As a Greek philosopher once said, "soulmates are one soul in two separate bodies." One complements the other. I am wondering who would that be. Who is my other half? Sometimes my mind would just imagine someone that is that kind of person. The problem is that it is only in my mind. In connection with that I saw this interesting preview. It's Matt Damon's new movie. Kinda connected to the soulmate theory that has been playing in my head. 

The title of the movie is The Adjustment Bureau. The story revolves to the topic of free will and destiny. Every person in the Earth has a written plan that should be followed. Once in a while we tend to deviate from this plan and the Adjustment Bureau are there to put one back on track to the plan. Matt Damon accidentally met a girl but as according to plan he was not supposed to meet her. The person behind the adjustment bureau showed up and tried to in way erase his memory and put him back to the plan but he choose not to follow the plan. His choice was to make a new plan with this woman but he is warned that if does so he would ruin the plan for the girl.

How about you? If you are given a chance to be place in the same situation would you rather chose your destiny or will go out your way to fulfill something you really want? Would appreciate your comments.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another visit to my friend

If you remember, years ago I wrote about my friend who was accused of something we believe she didn't do. Its been a whole year since then that I visited her and I am guilty about it.Click here to read about it.

It was a nice Saturday morning when I went to see her. As usual I brought some sandwiches and to calm her due to my not visiting I brought some cheesecake. She seated on the other side of the table and it seems I just seen her two days ago. She was never mad or angry at me. She smiles sweetly and it seems she knows something that I am not my usual self and so she says "Today its not me who's gonna tell stories, you are."

I guess she knows me very well. With a big sigh I began to tell her what really happened.

I have so many things to juggle. Work, personal life, and inner self. I told her about my recent work related problem. I was caught in the middle between my bosses. My manager told me to cancel some subscription to cut on cost but the other manager who would be affected by this cancellation lashed out to me. He even mentioned that he has a higher position and that he might ask the boss to fire my manager. Well my first re-action was of course enrage. One because I am just doing what my direct manager told me to do, second if that was the case why lashed out on me. If he has a problem with that he should have ask my manager and they should have argued about it. Why include me in the discussion when what I just did was follow instructions. Yeah bosses; sometimes they think they are so great and they showed be followed like gods. But don't they think that their words hurt other people. I hope that they think first before saying such. They should be humble enough and civil enough to talk things out before firing guns at someone else.My friend was just looking at me listening attentively. I stopped and stared at her at she just told me to go on.

Next one was personal. I have been working and working and it seems that my life is just like that. I'm turning 29 and still single. After a failed relationship of 3 years and a rejected love it seems that I am hanging up my gloves. But no I don't. And that's something that keeps me thinking. Sometimes I wonder what is in store for me. I may have the necessary things in life but sometimes you just cant escape the feeling of needing someone. Also it seems that things are so boring now. Sometimes I just want to let time pass faster. Some days the busy work keeps me company but sometimes that even the work is just like that. It came you did, its done and then what. For the past weeks its seems to get much of my sleeping time, making me awake because my mind is thinking of things as if I am a third person. Me, my mind, and time. This feeling made me lethargic and sometimes restless. As I was saying this to her she clasp my hands. Its so comforting to feel someone is there to be with you when you need them most.

Because of my personal problems my inner problems also surfaces. The demons inside my head started to play me again. I was able to shut this demon in me for quite sometime but due to the circumstances it resurface and starting to overtake my control of myself. My mind begin to wonder and start digging the hidden things in my subconscious. At night it creeps to me and starts to make me things. My mind creates the things that shouldn't be there and my body reacts to it. My friend smiles and told me that I do really need to get a wife. And She mentions St.Paul's First Letter tot he Corinthians. She told me to read 7: 25-38.

The bell rings and its time for me to go. As I was about to stand she tightly hod my hand. She looks at me and she whispered to my ears "Thank you!" Sometimes in life it seems that the most important thing that we have to do is to do our assigned task in life. But I was reminded that sometimes giving someone else a chance for them to do their task is also not bad. That visit made me realize that. I let friend be my friend in the time That I most needed one.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some collected Twitter opinions on Mexico Gulf Oil Spill

BP Says Costs On US Gulf Oil Spill Rise To $450 Mln - Wall Street Journal: The GuardianBP Says Costs On US

BP's oil spill clean-up bill rockets by $100m - This is London

Litany of failures led to BP spill - #oil #csr #energy

Colbert Demonstrates Tackling Natural Gas Leak in Oil Spill (VIDEO)

Oil spill probe: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer (McClatchy Newspapers)   

BP to try new fix as oil spill threatens Gulf (Reuters)

#YouTube - David Letterman - Senate Oil Spill Hearings Top Ten

House Panel Probes Gulf Coast Oil Spill   

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill hasn't stained President Barack Obama nor dimmed the public'... 


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The stand of the Catholic Church on sexual abuse issue

I never expected it coming this morning.

I always attend the 10:00 o'clock mass at Sta. Barbara Parish here in Dededo, Guam. The celebrant was Fr. Dan Bien, a Filipino priest, and his homily focuses on the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd takes care of his flock. And with that he explained that Jesus Christ Shepherding responsibility was given to the Apostles and handed it to the Pope and the bishops and the bishops handed it also to the priest in-charge of the parish.

He re-iterated that the Church condemns such act and the Church does not protect priest who does not uphold justice and abuse their position. He implores the laity to continually pray for the clergy that they may be good shepherds. Also he quoted an article by a Jewish religious leader. The article points out that the media is ganging up on the Catholic Church because such case is not limited to the Catholic Church but also to other sects and denominations. The Catholic Church is being singled out by the media for no reason at all. He ask the laity to remain steadfast in the Faith and keep the Faith. This is just one of the trials we as Catholics has to struggle and in the end we will be led to the right path as we hear and heed the true Shepherds voice, Jesus Christ.

I am a former seminarian and I would be hypocrite to say of I didn't heard of anything like this in the past. But I cannot say as well who are these priest who have failed to do what our Lord has task them to do, to take care of His flock. There is only one thing I know though, priest are humans like you and me. They feel the same things that we feel and the more they are bombarded with  temptation. Thus we need to continually pray for the clergy to never give in and never give up the calling they are called for. 

What I ask personally is for priests who has done such act should give themselves up to the proper authorities and accept responsibility for their actions. To our Church leaders I ask that they be transparent and help the victims to surpass the anguish these abuses has inflicted in them and not be silent about it. There is something wrong so we should as early as possible correct what is wrong before it corrupts us all. To my fellow Catholics as well as our brothers and sisters in the faith I asks your continuous prayer, help, and vigilance to stop such acts. 
I remember my co-seminarians motto in our yearbook: Hate the sin not the sinner. We are a community and thus we should not condemn and shun people but rather hate the action that they did and help them realize the wrong that they did and make the right decisions and actions about it rather than pointing and accusing and let the issue grow and grow until it will be impossible to resolve it.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When Boredom comes part what?

Hahaha sorry about my last post. I was angry that day and wanted to write my anger in my blog but the moment I tried to type and put to words the feeling it was hard. 

I am not that kind of angry person that would start throwing foul words. I don't know why, I never say the S***, F***, and the rest of all the words which the young of today seems just a word of expression. I was angry because I am put in the middle of the warring parties. I felt trap and paralyze. I don't know which to side on. My mind started thinking why. Reasons come crashing to me that these people have no respect of me anymore and as if I owe anyone of them. In fact I never owe any one of them, they owe me big time.

Well it has been more than a week that I am having problem sleeping. Not only that there is something bothering me mentally but also physically. My body aches and my mind seems thinking of thinking of possibilities of how I would get into a car accident. Also my other problem has re-surface. I have figure out why I am doing that and also found the solution but the recent stress and my dreams and goals seem to pull me back to it. Now how will I ever find the one if the same old me, the one that I am not, keeps on coming and wanting to take over the real me.

Don't worry I am not a psycho. I just wanted to put to words the feeling deep down my subconscious. It will soon pass. All I need is to face it and find the reason why and from there figure out the solution. I want a better me, a better Louis. Do I need help? Oh yes I do. I need your prayers and enabling words. 

I will because I can. 

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Friday, April 16, 2010

When boredom comes

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still learning to be a better blogger

Yup that is right. Even though I have nearly 4 years of blogging experience(mostly are personal blogs so they are more of a diary) I am still no better that is why my quest to be a good blogger is still up and running. I bought the e-book of Darren Rowse of Problogger, 31 Days to Building a better blog, and one free stuff I got is an audio interview of Darren  with a blogger which is here in the same island I am currently working.

His name is Leo Babauta. His blog Zen Habits has been one of the top 100 blogs and I was humbled to know that someone who is so simple has that influence in the blogosphere.  And besides that he has publish a book and e-books that are even sold at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, and IndieBound. It's my dream also to write at least an e-book regarding my passion and profession, accounting, so maybe by following Leo and his works will eventually lead me to my dream of becoming a full problogger and a writer.

Leo's book, The Power of Less, demonstrates how to streamline your life by identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary — freeing you from everyday clutter and allowing you to focus on accomplishing the goals that can change your life for the better.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A sad story: Cover up of priest abusing a minor pinned to the Pope

The news about a priest abusing young boys in his parish somewhere in Bavaria was linked to the Pope which back then was the Cardinal Ratzinger

The said priest was convicted but accusations that such could have been prevented if then Cardinal Ratzinger has done actions since such was under his jurisdiction. The news said that Pope Benedict knows about such pedophile priest and that just like other diocese transferred the said erring priest to hide or prevent the story from escalating to the media.

It is sad that such things happen. Specially now that we are celebrating Easter, most of the story is about it and some say that the former Pope, John Paul II, might have knowledge about such reports and no actions were made. For me being part of the Catholic community and a former seminarian puts me in a situation in which I had to chose side, to condemn this non-action or defend the Church. 

It is not new to me. Back in the Philippines there were cases of abuses that shattered the lives of young altar boys and some seminarians which were abuse by the very least person that they know would do such a thing. Such act is highly not condone by the Church. I would like to appeal to all Christians that we as part of the community must be vigilant about such sensitive issues. In Archdiocese and I believe in all diocese we celebrate Clergy Day. It is a celebration for priest to renew their commitment to the priesthood. Though they have undergone such rigorous training, priest are just as same as we are. They are vulnerable to temptation and the strength of temptation is much more stronger on there side since one they have no family on their own(I mean they have no wife and children due to the vows of chastity), they might be assigned to places far from their family(in the case of missionaries very far), and responsibility for them to take care of the flock is great since they have to accept a bigger family of which they need to focus.

I only ask one thing for those priest that faltered; please come out and face the consequences of your actions. Don't hide or ask other priest to help you out in getting out of the mess you have done. Please come out and face it.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why does Jesus have to die in the cross?

Death in the cross was the most shameful way to die in the Roman times. A cross was the symbol of disgrace. Criminals die in the cross...nailed let there die.

I was able to watch a documentary regarding the quest of knowing if the image in the Shroud of Turin is Jesus or not. I noticed that the documentary keeps on repeating that the story is about wether that the image in the shroud is the image of Jesus or not. It has been the mission of the 3D artist to know how Jesus looks like based on the image on the Shroud of Turin. In his quest he work hand in hand with the members f STURP(Shroud of Turin Research Project). Based on he data he gathered the man that was covered with the shroud was brutally beaten. in his back and legs where marks of scratches and wounds. a wound that could have been made by nailing was found in his wrist and feet. A deep wound was also found in his side...similarly of that of our Lord Jesus.

Jesus died for us to set an example of love. Jesus loves us, He loves us to the point of giving His life. The greatest way of teaching is by way of an example. He also have to die to teach us about the resurrection. If Jesus never died then how will He resurrect. Thus He has to die in order for us to understand the love of God that one day we will rise form the dead just as He has risen. That is why he has to day like ordinary man so that He can show us how our God loves us. 

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watching music videos in the tube: a déjà vu feeling and a concern at the same time

It has been awhile since I watched music videos in TV. Watching it from the net is very different from watching it on TV. In the net you can search the one that you want to see but in TV whatever they are currently playing is the one you going to watch or you can press the power button to shut it down if you don’t like it.

I was tuned into MTV’s AMTV and VH1’s Jumpstart. The first one I saw was at MTV titled “Live like were dying.” I already heard this in the radio but seeing it is different. The artist, , is new to me. I like the combination of the usual singing plus the speed rapping he does. It kinda pace up your rhythm. Then I have been hearing this new song also in radio it’s sung by featuring Ludacris. The title is “Baby” and the lyrics is kinda cute…the typical teen music.
Then I saw rapper featuring Justin Timberlake. For my personal opinion most videos these days are sexual oriented and some language is explicit. That is why the young viewers are absorbing and manifesting these bad behavior due to the influence of their environment. Yes we can argue that the environment is co-incidental to a person’s persona and the choice is really theirs to make. The youth of today are independent and that has two way effect. One is that they are able to take charge of what they really want and the other is that the standard they abide is the one that is what they have grown into thus having such exposure to media with sexual content and language makes them have this kind of thinking.

I am not entirely against media or music video, I truly love them. Only that there should be responsibility because we cannot stop young people to view these videos because they have that right to choose. The youth of today needs guidance but not to strict just like before. They are vulnerable. I just saw the news regarding a boy beating nearly to death a girl in school because of a text message. The boy who is about 14 years old might be judge as an adult according to the news because as per the disposition the act was premeditated. Simple actions or words might have different interpretations because of the influences the youth of today are receiving daily.
Please don’t hesitate to add your comments.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

You can educate the poor children of Philippines through Big Brother, Big Sister Project

Are you one of the kinded hearted person who wanted to help the poor children in the remote areas of the Philippines?

The Big Brother,Big Sister has a project in the Philippines called " It only takes a spark.." This project aims to sent school supplies to children in the remotest area in the Philippines. Each volunteer mountaineers will bring a Php 300.00 worth of school supplies. You can help by donating Php 300.00 or by being a volunnteer mountaineer to bring the school supplies. The said distribution of the school supplies will be this coming May 22-23, 2010.

You can donate via PayPal or Direct bank deposit. Details below:


Bank deposits:
Account No. :  6220111000 
Banco de Oro, Sienna-Del Monte Branch 
409 Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
If deposits will be made from outside the Philippines, just specify the Bank Swift Code:  BNORPHMM

Account No.:  3029-0176-61 
Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI Card Center 
Ground Flr., BPI Credit Card Bldg.  
8753 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippine
If deposits will be made from outside the Philippines, just specify the Bank Swift Code:  BOPIPHMM

Please keep the deposit slip for reference.  Kindly inform us the date and amount of the deposit through or contact Joanne Del Mindo +639163444404 or Marilet de Guzman +639285032075.
 To register as a volunteer, please provide the following information:
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Home Address
Birthdate (year of birth optional)
Blood Type
Shirt Size (S-M-L-XL)
Are you a mountaineer?
In case of emergency:
    Contact Person
    Contact Number
Preferred repacking date (May 8 or May 15)
Who do you prefer to be grouped with? (as a guide only, subject to change)

Please take note of the ffg. dates:
1. May 6, 8pm - briefing for non-mountaineers at Conference
    Room A, 4th Floor, Makati Stock Exchange Bldg., Ayala cor. 
    Makati Ave., Makati City.
2.May 13, 8pm - Team pre-climb meeting at the Penthouse Flr., 
   Makati Stock Exchange Bldg., Ayala cor, . Makati Ave., Makati 
   City.  Attendance is a must!  No preclimb, no climb! Reserved 
   slots will be given to those on waitlist.
3.May 8 or May 15, 9am - repacking of the school supplies.  All
   volunteers joining the trek are required to help in at least one 
   repacking session.  No repacking, no climb!  Reserved slots will 
   be given to those on waitlist.  Venue is at 200 Danny Floro St. 
   (formerly Canley Road), Pasig.

For other volunteer information, you may contact:
Sharon Ponio: or +639178010033 
Angel Constantino: or +639175375276
Medi Nazar: 

For more info and updates, you may visit the BBBS website: or Multiply site:

Or you can pledge your support to Maia Outreach Program

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pacquiao vs. Clottey.....Pacman vs. Grandmaster

Guys here we go again. I am sure Manila's street tomorrow will be open wide and your ordinary 1 - 2 hour traffic will be reduce to 5 - 10 minutes. It has always been like this since Philippines's "Pambansang Kamao" (National Fist) has given glory to the country through boxing.

Pacman's coach, Freddie Roach, remark that this fight be go to the score cards and then retracted it saying it won't last to 9 rounds upon seeing Pacquiao's ultimate weapon for Clottey. Well little is known about Clottey or should I say "I know little about Clottey." 

Clottey is origianlly from Ghana and now lives in Bronx, NY. He is welterweight boxer and have a record of 35-3-0 of which 20 are KO. Has a solid defense and a combination of size, speed, stamina, boxing skills, power, and chin. Clottey has top defensive skills; the way he uses his gloves and arms to protect himself from his opponent's punches is very similar to Winky Wright's defensive stance.

One of my co-worker's comment is that Pacquiao might loose. The height of his career has already begun and as he said all things that go up must some point in time will go down. The size of Clottey might be Pacquiao's big hindrance and as some observers commented, Clottey is a like Pacman himself in his speed and toughness. Clottey had this big break to fight the world's considered best pound-per-pound boxer when the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight did not materialize. 

Tomorrow will be the fight and all boxing fans will be glued in to their plasma tv to see weather Clottey has it takes to be the boxer to stop Pacquiao's career or will this fight be the proof of Pacquiao's dominance in boxing. 

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Thinking of earning online and making e-books online

Lately I am hype on updating and enhancing my blogs to get more visitors and make them read and explore my sites. I have some tips from Jomar Hilario and some internet sources that guided me in making my blogs search engine reachable and reader appealing.

Knowing what to write is one of the key on earning online. Somewhere out there are groups that have a passion for what you write and might be looking for your content or blog. When your blog is widely read and have a good number of visitors called traffic, advertisers are likely to see the potential of your site thus they place ads on your site. Google Adsense has been one of the leading online advertising companies to introduce such way of advertising. In Asia Nuffnang has been gaining ground. 

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Wood's Apology

When I woke this morning all news are on Tiger Wood's apology news conference. His misdemeanor is just as ordinary as any other public personalities but as of this moment its the hottest buzz that is happening. His apology was made on TV to address some concerns but he avoided any further questions from the media. He clearly states that he doesn't know when will he be back for golf becuase right now the most important thing is his family.

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Everybody Knows

Lately I have been searching YouTube for latest music videos and also about John Legend. His music is kinda different; it has that thing that makes you feel the music. One of the music that I have been enjoying right now is "Everybody Knows".

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