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Thursday, May 28, 2009

You are the Resistamce

"You are the resistance"

That is the famous line in the latest installment of the Terminator series.

I watch the movie as a birthday gift to myself(lol). I don't want to spoil for those who hadn't watch it yet but I will tell you the a brief about it. As all the Terminator movies, the story is all about saving John Connor. In the first it was to save John's mother, second was to save him when he was still young, on the third it was to save him and to make sure that he survived Judgement Day, and the latest was to save his father, Kyle Reese.

As always there was a robot involve in the story, machine character though most of the time there were machines because the war was ongoing. The machine character was Marcus, a convicted murderer who donated his body for science on 2003. He never knew he was a cyborg until he was being attended for wounds by John Connor's wife, Kate.

Marcus was not controlled by Skynet in a sense that he can act independently. His purpose was, as per Skynet, was to infiltrate humans by being human enough in his emotions. He has feelings because his brain and heart were intact to his robotic body.

A very important flavor of the Terminator series is that a machine saves a human. In the end Marcus gave his heart to John to save the human race. That proves that though he has a machine's body he has a human heart....that is to feel....

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