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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Understanding the Holy Thursday rituals

Holy Thursday is the start of the Easter Triduum. On this particular day two events are made by the Catholic Church.

Most of you will be wondering why the early mass are not celebrated on some parishes, that is because the Chrismal Mass is celebrated by the bishop or archbishop of the diocese. In this mass celebration the chrism or holy oil are blessed by the bishop. This chrism or holy oil is only blessed once a year and only the bishop has the power to do so. This are the very same oil use to anoint the sick, the newly ordained priest, newly confirmed Catholics, and other rituals of the church needing such anointing. In this celebration two sacraments are actually remembered. One is the sacrament of the anointing of the sick and the other is the sacrament of ordination.

If married people renew their marriage vows, every priest also renew their vows on this day. It is a commemoration of what they have promised as a priest that they will maintained to be chase, poor, and obedient to what the Catholic Church is teaching. It is a con-celebrated mass and the nice part of it is when all priest extend their hand to consecrate the body and blood of Christ, you can feel the sanctity and presence of the Lord.

On the afternoon we celebrate the Lord's Last supper. This too commemorates one of the sacrament which is the sacrament of the Eucharist. It is in this celebration that we are also reminded of what happened when Jesus was handed to the Pharisees and eventually led to His crucifixion. We commemorate the sacrifice of our own God for us humans. It teaches us the unconditional love of our Lord for us that He has sacrifice Himself for us in the most shameful way of death, that is to be crucified in a cross.

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Website for "How to do" questions

I am just browsing the net searching how to increase my blog's view in order to generate adsense CPP when I stunbled to this site. This site has its member a chance to post queries on how to do things and at the same time post ways or solutions to do such thing. It has this payment program for those who contribute by way of starting a new "how to topic" and putting in ways to do it or also giving or leaving a way or solutions to different posted "how to's".

They pay each contributor via Paypal. They even have this eHow Writers Academy to help you on how to increase your topic topic so that your chances of earnings will be up. It is in a way paid blogging only that topic on this site is ways or solution on how to do things.

I am one of the many guys trying to learn how to earn though the internet...paid blogging was one of the ways and the way to do it is via Google's Adsense. So why not try it yourself specially this times of financial crisis, its not bad to earn money on the sidelines....

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Credit report anyone?

The current financial crisis has stricken our lives. The fear of losing one's job has always been lurking around us; who knows we might be the next. Another issue is one's credit report. I am a Filipino currently working here in Guam and its kinda hard to have a line of credit. I did have credit cards back in the Philippines and with that I thought it would be easy for me to get a credit card here in Guam. But to my surprise I was declined due to the fact that i don't have a credit record. The first financial institution and applied with sent me a letter that even though I provided my current Philippine credit card I have no credit card of sort based on their search in Experian.

I waited for quite sometime and wondered if I can apply to where I have a bank account. I did get the card after setting up a collateral account with a 110% deposit corresponding to the credit limit they granted me. I still asked them why was I not given a credit card when I have been a good credit card holder back in the Philippines. The answer was that probably even though I have a Philippine credit card and with an international credit card company the records in the US doesn't show that I had such.

I have been using my Visa card which was issued here in Guam for sometime and just awhile ago tried a free credit rating website and as expected I still don't have any credit report.

Question is why do we need to look after our credit report. One thing is, specially this time of belt tightening, we must make sure we have a good credit standing in order for us to avail of loans in the most worst time of need. Along side with the financial crisis cost of living is rising and sources of money are narrowing down.

Anyone who can help me know my credit report?I hope yours is good.....

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bear market

As everyone is aware, we are in what investors say "Bear Market". It is a stock market situation characterize by a continuous drop in market and investor confidence in the market within a period of at least 2 months and a drop of about at least 20% of the financial market.

What does this thing mean to an ordinary people like you and me? Well as you know now companies are doing cost cutting measures to stay profitable in spite of the great lost brought about by this economic downturn. Back in the Philippines I heard the continuous job cuts and business closures just like that of Fedex who opted to transfer operations to China for cheaper operating cost, cutting working hours and salary reduction plans. Its a most for companies to do such to continually earn investor confidence in them and prevent owners from backing out their investment.

But in spite of the downturn, this period of market slump is also one of the awaited time for investors for every stock is on sale. It is more called "The Buyer's market" due to the fact that every stock in the trading floor is on sale. Its the best time for newcomers to the stock trading game to invest money because their money can afford to buy good stocks. You can visit online stock brokers to help you out in starting your investing experience. You can visit to try their 7 day trial period. If you have no idea where to start and are afraid that just asking a stock broker will be with a heavy fee try attending free seminars offered by the PSE. You can visit their website for schedule of free seminar on stock trading.

As they say financial ignorance is costlier so start educating yourself about the stock market and investing(yup I just started learning about these things and i'm now in my late 20's). Start reading the business section of the newspaper like Philippine Daily Inquirer and reading business and financial books like 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez or Think Rich Pinoy by Larry Gamboa or Rich Dad,Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Gadgets Galore

Finally bought my new laptop after about two years of using my old and handy dandy Neo Laptop. I was canvassing for the past 6 months becuase I know laptops these days easily change and daily updates and upgrades are poppong out.

I was torn between an Acer laptop and a HP laptop. Acer has just been new to my consideratio list. Most of my preferences would be HP due to the fact that my former IT manager when I was till working with Orica Philippines suggest that capability and service wise, HP is the good choice than Toshiba and IBM. And so I shop aroound the limited computer retailers and shops here in Guam for the best price and got a glipse of an Acer with the so good features I wanted. But of course I still inquired about HP but to my dismay what is common to all the shops I inquired is Acer, Toshiba, and Asus.

There was a laptop that currently matches my specifications and it was an Acer unit. It has 3G Ram, 320G HDD, built in webcam, wifi ready, and a wide screen. Looking at the price of about $1,050.00 I quite have some hesitations. So I look at others. One notable one is the Asus brand. They are good units do but downside is price. I know the built of an Asus unit has been regarded as superior than other laptop thus the pricey tag. My mind was torn between these two and I ask the retailer to give me som time to thnin about it.

A week pass and i was ready to buy the Acer but to my surprise it was sold a day before. Being desperate for a laptop unit to aid me in my work...I settled for an Asus laptop for $1,200.00, quite pricey yet I am confident that this thing wont let me down in my work. With its 2G RAM, Core 2 Duo Intel processor, 250G HDD and 15.2" wide screen my work and surfing experiene will be up and running.

You can visit for more info on their products.

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