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Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling the difference

Just finish processing my exit clearance and passport renewal at PRC. While waiting for a friend for lunch at Megamall, I had this weird feeling. Its been awhile since I am in a very crowded space. Back in Guam I am not much in contact with so many people. Its a fact that there are only few people in Guam unlike here in Philippines specially in the metropolis like Pasig, Manila, or Quezon City.

Just observing the number of person in Megamall alone, I came to Megamall on my first day here to meet a friend as well, as if the place is like a small community due to the number of people coming in and out. Been watching how fully pack the cinema area and yet the volume only change when I was going home.

It felt uneasy not that I have fear of so many people but rather because what i saw was in contrast on what we heard on news, I am able to glimpse TV Patrol in my sister's house because they have TFC. Philippines was struck by three successive typhoons that cause a massive flood that was said to be the worst in 40 years. And yet hear I am seeing a lot of people as if sky is the limit buying here and there. Packing the mall, maybe because it was Saturday and it was payroll last Friday. Probably it is Pinoy's way of forgetting the bad events that befell the country.

Christmas is just near again and Im sure malls will be fully pack again. Everyone buy things just to give other people even though it is out of there budget. I am beginning to rationalize that this is our culture of consumerism, that is instead of saving the little that we have we splurge it to just satisfy our want to have something culture.

I hope it wont be like this. I hope that perspective will change.

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