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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family Fued

Philippines has been known for having great family ties that this tie not only run on immediate family but also up to distant relatives that one might not even know.
Together with this family ties are feuds between families due to inheritance, negative comments, gossip, and envy.

I believe the number one reason of families fighting is due to inheritance. Until now so many lands and properties are left undivided and are wasted instead of being utilize for greater use. One sibling accuses the other of cheating or being greedy. The problem is that parents have not executed wills that will divide all that they will leave behind when they pass away. From the siblings this issue will also be inherited by their children and thus bring the issue to the level of grandchildren and so n and so forth….time is wasted on so many arguments. My advice to parents is as early as possible draft your will. Don’t divide your riches according to your favorites rather divide it fairly. Each ought to receive the right portion according to their needs and capacities to make whatever they inherit last long so that it will benefit your great grandchildren.

When re-unions take place it is commonly practice for families to boast their wealth, their child’s achievement in school, promotion in work, and so forth. And then they will start to pin point bad things about each other. Telling this and that and suggesting that it could have been like this or that. Others start digging others past mistakes; telling that because of that the families name has been hurt or disgrace. After all this discussions the occasion which is supposed to be the unifying catalyst becomes the element that sours more the relationship between and among relatives.

As what it does, gossips also breaks down family ties. You will just one day hear from other people what a relative is spreading about you. You end up the laughing story of the town. As one story from the mouth of a relative, probably just a small comment or a funny event, turns into the talk of the town. Sometimes gossip is deliberately spread by your very own relative due to petty quarrels to issues that involves life and privacy just to get even. Sometimes even false accusations are fabricated to make others look bad in the community to gain peoples sentiment at the expense of others.

Envy is also a bond breaker. As one relative sees another get wealthier, the other starts compare themselves to the point of accusing others of doing something illegal. The problem with this is that people make this envy the fire in their hearts thus instead of themselves working hard to make their livelihood, work, or business more prosperous they put the blame on their relative becoming more richer. Sometimes they would even blame if some mishap or death to a family member that if their wealthy relative could have just help things would have been different. It is a crazy notion that people blame their poverty on someone else hard work when they themselves don’t even move an inch to do something to help themselves.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling the difference

Just finish processing my exit clearance and passport renewal at PRC. While waiting for a friend for lunch at Megamall, I had this weird feeling. Its been awhile since I am in a very crowded space. Back in Guam I am not much in contact with so many people. Its a fact that there are only few people in Guam unlike here in Philippines specially in the metropolis like Pasig, Manila, or Quezon City.

Just observing the number of person in Megamall alone, I came to Megamall on my first day here to meet a friend as well, as if the place is like a small community due to the number of people coming in and out. Been watching how fully pack the cinema area and yet the volume only change when I was going home.

It felt uneasy not that I have fear of so many people but rather because what i saw was in contrast on what we heard on news, I am able to glimpse TV Patrol in my sister's house because they have TFC. Philippines was struck by three successive typhoons that cause a massive flood that was said to be the worst in 40 years. And yet hear I am seeing a lot of people as if sky is the limit buying here and there. Packing the mall, maybe because it was Saturday and it was payroll last Friday. Probably it is Pinoy's way of forgetting the bad events that befell the country.

Christmas is just near again and Im sure malls will be fully pack again. Everyone buy things just to give other people even though it is out of there budget. I am beginning to rationalize that this is our culture of consumerism, that is instead of saving the little that we have we splurge it to just satisfy our want to have something culture.

I hope it wont be like this. I hope that perspective will change.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Typhoon Ondoy or its international name Ketsana has left things that could destroy lives further... Up to now there are so many people still missing, many people hungry and hurt, and others still shocked. below are some post from the Internet where we can help out in this tragedy wherever you are. PLEASE HELP, IN WHATEVER FORM MAY THAT BE!

Help Flood Victims

This will be short.
I’m sending out an appeal to the world.
As I write this article, thousands of people are still trapped in the floodwaters of typhoon Ondoy—or in relocation sites that have no food and drinking water. (Just in case you don’t know anything about what’s happening in Metro Manila and Rizal province, here are photos of the storm:
My friend, Sonia Lozada, is owner of Trinity restaurants.. Since yesterday, her five restaurants have been cooking like crazy and sending packs of cooked food to devastated areas.
Sonia was right about cooked food. Because if you’re trapped in floodwaters, uncooked food is useless. You can’t cook anything. Sonia has also been delivering cases of bottled water—but they weren’t enough. One bottle of water was shared by three people.
With our financial support, Sonia’s team will continue to feed people today and tomorrow. I will personally be there, giving out food and drinking water to Flood Victims today. My team will be there as well—all of us who can help.
But cooking food today and tomorrow is only an emergency measure.
In the next few weeks and months, the real work will begin: All our organizations—Light of Jesus, KerygmaFamily, etcetera, will do the hard work of helping people rebuild their homes damaged by the floods—thus helping them rebuild their lives. It will be a long and difficult work—but we’ll be there for them.
This is what Jesus wants us to do.
Friend, you may not be here physically to help, but you can be our spiritual and financial support. First, pray for the victims. Pray for strength that they regain their hope. Many are devastated emotionally.
Second, if you can, make a donation and help them.
If you want to be part of our efforts to help Flood Victims, you can make a donation. Any amount will do. You can make your deposit online or through a bank.
Click below to help our Flood Victims now.

“Yes Bo, I want to help!”

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. I know God will bless you abundantly. He will reward you for your kindness! That’s for sure. To make a donation, click below.

“Yes Bo, I want to help!”

Okay, remember that time in Indonesia, where the tidal wave/tsunami hit around Christmas Time?

Did you remember the videos of people being chased by cars with no people in them?

Apparently, this previous storm (signal #2 only!) was exactly like that --but spread out in Manila and nearby areas - with places not affected and some places affected. It was flash floods all around. And yes, I was outdoors at that time, trying to get home from a postponed workshop in Cubao. (They shut off the Power in the Mall, they didn't give us a reason why but I think it was a nearby fire, yes, even with the rain). So yes, I saw what it looked like - EDSA area but nothing compared to what happened in C5 or Katipunan or elsewhere.

Let pictures do that talking:

The insidious thing was -- the rain wasn't all that hard. Nor the winds. It felt like a "regular" storm. Until the water rose too quickly and soon -even those in cars- were not safe. I actually tried wading in kneed deep flowing water (very unsafe!) just to get home but got blocked by waist deep water and decided it wasn't worth it. So yes, I checked into a hotel - the first one my mind remembered and stayed there until the next day. I looked out the window and saw a peaceful manila - this wasn't the affected area (Ortigas), it was Marikina and Manila and ....


Here's my point, if you're itching to help here's your chance:

1. How you can donate and stuff: Even if you're not in the Philippines:

2. If you have access to a vehicle, heavy moving equipment and boats, head on over to the Google Situation Map where you can find who DIRECTLY needs help: (A Pinoy inside Google had a hand in creating this one, I think)

3. To update this map, use this:

4. Plus, if you're monitoring the news, try this REAL TIME view from Twitter users:

5. Missing People List: (You can edit this)

6. Yes, some of the data are redundant --that's expected -people are just assembling this as it happens. And yes, yes I know that one day they'll look at us Pinoys and say that the Internet/Twitter/FB/Google Maps/Google docs has helped tremendously - but that's not the point TODAY.

So now, is this any where related to Mar.keting? Nope. It isn't and it doesn't have to be.

Now, live a remarkable life and if you're able, HELP OUT!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

South Korea's Wonder Girls

These new singing group from South Korea is taking the entertainment by storm.

As a group, the Wonder Girls were introduced through the program called MTV Wonder Girls which was filmed and directed by MTV. The first four episodes outlined the characteristics and profiles of each member and showcased their schedules for the day. Not long after selecting Ye Eun as the fifth member, the Wonder Girls had their showcase in the MTV Studio. In the showcase, they performed a cover of "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls and their own songs, such as "Irony" and "미안한 마음" ("A Sorry Heart"). Sun Ye did the solo by singing Destiny's Child's "Stand Up for Love" while Hyun-a showed off her dancing skills with a solo dance. The other three members — Ye Eun, Sun Mi and So Hee — performed a cover of Janet Jackson's "Together Again".

The Wonder Girls officially debuted in early 2007 on MBC's 쇼! 음악 중심 ("Show! Music Core"), singing "Irony", the hip-hop single from their debut mini-album, The Wonder Begins. The mini-album sold 11,454 copies in 2007.The Wonder Girls official fanclub was established, with the name of "Wonderful".

Below is there video Nobody:

In the autumn of 2007, Good Entertainment, the talent agency sent their trainee Yubin to JYP Entertainment as a replacement for Hyuna. She made her debut three days later in the group's live performance of "Tell Me" on Music Bank .

Their first full-length album, The Wonder Years, was released the following week with "Tell Me." Due to the last-minute addition of Yubin, the album version does not contain her part. However, the performance version of the song was reworked to include a bridge with rapping by Yubin. The single was a hit and reached number one on various Korean television and internet music charts, including KBS's Music Bank.

The choreography for the song was simple and widely imitated: by October, many fan performances of the dance circulated on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Daum, including one by a group of policemen who were eventually profiled on SBS's Star King. The dance became so popular it was known as the "Tell Me Virus" and earned them the title of 'Korea's Little Sisters'.Videos of the dance came from fans in France and the Philippines, and the song also went to Number 1 in Thailand.

The Wonder Girls had an extensive promotional schedule for their album and in late 2007 they began performing the second single from the album, "이 바보" ("You Fool"). They made numerous appearances on variety and game shows, sang live on radio, at music festivals, on music shows, and in special joint performances with other groups such as Big Bang. MTV has also aired three seasons of The Wonder Life, a reality TV series starring the girls.

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Check my new blog post

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau(When somone's wish comes true)

Simply Beautiful music by Utada Hikaru

Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau
(When somone's wish comes true)

Lyrics in Nippongo/Japanese & English Translation below:

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Still afraid of the ecomomic downturn?Watch this..

Was able to see this video link from a professional marketing website I spotted at Jomar Hilario's free stuff for his birthday.

To check out the video click here.

Insights on the video:

On Stock portfolio: Your stock prices today are different from 10 or 20 years from
now. So don't pull out your money in the market when your
objective in investing in the stock market is longterm.

On Small Business: Check spending and overhead. Differentiate between necessary &
discretionary.Always set aside reserved funds on good days so
that you have emergency funds on bad days.It is always a good
time to obtain a line of credit when you have good financial
standing, don't wait until your business is in bad shape and
apply line of credit

Getting involved: It doesn't mean that even though you are in good financial
health during these crisis you shouldn't care; most likely you
will be affected directly or indirectly don't get slack.

Getting Loan: Always consider your financial capabilities before getting one

Retirement: For the younger ones this is the best time to start investing
for your retirement because it is on sale; for the ones that are
near their retirement within the next 5 years or so they need to
make necessary adjustment to to fight off inflation and further

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Cool HP Ad made by HP fan

Check this HP printer ad I saw in

Creative minds make this world so cool!!!!!

HP - invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am thrilled!!!!!

I just checked my AdSense account and my earnings jump from $1.22 to $1.60 just this week. And just with that small amount I am thrilled.

I look into the details to know where did I get that additional $0.38 and it was funny, it's from my site. Imagine that for more than two years my AdSense only earned $1.22 and just from one click I earned $0.38 just this week. How much more if there are a minimum of 20 clicks in a day?How much would that be in a month?

I think I must always be positive on the possibility earning in the Internet. I have to focus more my attention to this blog and create other blogs that might be of great interest to a peculiar niche.

To quote Bro. Bo's maxim "If I always think of my blessings, I attract more blessings. If I always think of my problems, I attract more problems."

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The difference between a loser and a winner

Lately I kinda feel down....tired at work, lack sleep(I think I slept only 5 hours every night for the past week), low self esteem, felt like I am useless at my work, frustrated at my quest to earn via blogging, and all this negativity.

Then I got this email from Sasha says and there was a link to another blogger Symphony of Love's Blog. The last post is about failure of the some of the most famous person on earth. And also with it is a YouTube video regarding this people...who failed but were successful(see video below)

Personally the saying "Learn from your mistakes" comes to mind. It is through learning from ones failure that one becomes one step successful. If we have abandoned all our hopes of winning we are truly the loser. Winners keeps on going no matter what. This "keeps on going" attitude is the very reason why people succeeded against their failure.

So I want you to ask yourself just like Caltex's advertisement, "WHAT DRIVES YOU?"

For me now I must re-aligned my thinking. I must not give up...and find what my passion is and focus on it.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A video that made me smile today

Was searching the net when I came across this two YouTube videos. Makes me smile how we humans can do some things beyond every average man's imagination.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writer's block?

To barrow wikipedia's definition:

"Writer's block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task in hand. At the other extreme, some "blocked" writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers."

So why is my new post about it...well ah it's happening to me.

Been trying to understand SEO and internet marketing lately to earn passive income via the Internet. I have this online/email mentor by the name of Jomar Hilario. I have been receiving his email guides on how to start blogging and making it as a source of income...

Well at first I was rev up with the idea. I have been blogging since graduating college but primarily as an outlet for my inner battles and thoughts, and sometimes problems. Then I came to know AdSense then the HTML things and knowing the codes at W3 and so forth. But to my dismay my AdSense revenues is still $1.22 after almost a year of blogging. Probably I am not writing a good material or my topics are not that appealing to the WWW community.

And so right now I don't know what to write about. I already got 5 blogs. I don't know when can start adding new post and increase my site traffic. Probably I still have to learn something that the experts are already doing. If they can why can't due time I will learn.....but in case you can spare the time check my sites...

Louis's Thoughts
Real Estates in Metro Manila
Gadget Finds
Accounting & Quickbooks Experiences
My Movie Reviewer

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Goldilocks has been Philippines' favorite "pasalubong" ever since they open their doors to Filipino family.

They have a variety of bakery and sweet products. You're the 1 Goldilocks because of birthday cakes. It always brings smile to every love one that celebrates their birthday. Then the song"Happy Birthday" came with the lyrics "Ang araw na to, ay araw mo..." it brings me memories of my birthdays...the first time I blew my cake was when in my 25th birthday.

Goldilocks has become part of our lives, part of every sweet memories that we can never forget.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Royal Pains

Just watch the first episode last night.

It was kinda a good series but I don't know what will happen next. Another medical drama spiced up with humor.

For more info click the following sites:

Or visit to see the first episode.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

You are the Resistamce

"You are the resistance"

That is the famous line in the latest installment of the Terminator series.

I watch the movie as a birthday gift to myself(lol). I don't want to spoil for those who hadn't watch it yet but I will tell you the a brief about it. As all the Terminator movies, the story is all about saving John Connor. In the first it was to save John's mother, second was to save him when he was still young, on the third it was to save him and to make sure that he survived Judgement Day, and the latest was to save his father, Kyle Reese.

As always there was a robot involve in the story, machine character though most of the time there were machines because the war was ongoing. The machine character was Marcus, a convicted murderer who donated his body for science on 2003. He never knew he was a cyborg until he was being attended for wounds by John Connor's wife, Kate.

Marcus was not controlled by Skynet in a sense that he can act independently. His purpose was, as per Skynet, was to infiltrate humans by being human enough in his emotions. He has feelings because his brain and heart were intact to his robotic body.

A very important flavor of the Terminator series is that a machine saves a human. In the end Marcus gave his heart to John to save the human race. That proves that though he has a machine's body he has a human heart....that is to feel....

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Seminars about wealth anyone?

Hey got this email about wealth seminars, if interested why not attend them and learn to lift yourself to wealth.

Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Seminar:

Do You Want To Succeed?
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So many people ask me, Bo, how can you be so successful in life?
Your family life is tight, your spiritual life is superb, your physical health is great even your financial life is fantastic. How do you do it?
Short answer: I'm an eternal student.
I don't stop learning.And if you want to succeed in life, you've got to thirst for wisdom.
I've got millionaire mentors and when we get together, we always talk about the "new stuff" we're learning. It's amazing how addicted successful people are to wisdom.
Note: Not knowledge. But wisdom.
How many of you know of very knowledgeable people who are very unsuccessful in life? They have degrees and may even have a Ph.D tucked in their belt but they don't know what to do with their mountain of facts in their brain. Wisdom is different. It's practical, down-to-earth, and applicable right now in your own life. That's why my seminars are life-changing. I give wisdom, not knowledge.

Join Me On June 6, 2009

With your permission, may I make an Ad? (Sorry, this isn't one of
those long articles I usually write to you. Just a short invitation today.)
This June 6, I'm giving my Truly Rich Seminar that I know will again change the financial lives of hundreds of people. I want you to be one of them. Join me!Thousands have already attended my Truly Rich Seminar and they tell me how blessed they are. (I wish you could read the glowing emails I receive from the participants.)
In the Truly Rich Seminar, I'll help you get rid of the most common obstacles that prevent you from getting to your wealth. For example, we'll get rid of your poverty mindset and give you a wealth mindset. And there are many, many other obstacles we'll be dealing with in theSeminar. I promise you: It'll open up the way for you to gain financial freedom for yourself and your family.

How Much? You Won't Believe It

How much does it cost? Don't be shocked, but I give this seminar to companies and I charge P8,000++ per person. And companies don't mind paying that sum of money just to help their employees. But as part of my ministry, I give this as a public seminar and charge the insanely low price of *P475* only per person. (That's not a typo.) This is my way of helping as many people as possible. At this low price, seats quickly fill up. Please call up ASAP and reserve your seat before we run out of space.To know more about what I give in this seminar, click here

To reserve a seat right away, call up Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562
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Remember: Success comes to those who don't delay but act now.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Citiseconline Free Seminar:



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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Condo anyone?

Now a days young professionals and businessmen, even young kids that are lucky enough to be showered with wealth by their parents, are investing on real properties. As they say its value appreciates not depreciate; and due to lack of space in the city we always see these high rising condos. I got this email from probably someone who is in the Yahoogroup that I am with. Hope she doesn't mind me blogging about it.

Contact Us

Landline: 5831874
Office: 7270903
Smart Cell: 09205783273
Sun Cell : 09236446375

Email Add:


Accessibility to the city’s premier business hubs, schools and Universities, shopping and entertainment centers gives the Project a prime city address feel and advantage.

Commercial Establishments
SM North Edsa
Araneta Center
Philippine Heart Center
Philippine Lung Center
Capitol Medical Center
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
St. Luke’s Medical Center

Schools / Universities
University of the Philippines Diliman
Ateneo De Manila University
Miriam College

MRT – GMA Kamuning Station


Gateway Mall

ABS-CBN Studio

GMA Station

Araneta Coliseum

Gateway Mall

Philippine Heart Center

St. Lukes Hospital

MRT Station

University of the Philippines

Ateneo de Manila University

Floor Plan

Upper Ground Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th and 5th Floor

6th to 16th Floor

17th to 20th Floor

21st to 22nd Floor

23rd Floor

24th Floor

Amenities Floor

1 Bedroom Unit (40 sqm)

2 Bedroom Unit (66.24 sqm)

2 Bedroom Living Room

2 Bedroom Dining Room

2 Bedroom Kitchen

2 Bedroom Den

2 Bedroom Toilet and Bath

2 Bedroom Master Bedroom

2 Bedroom Bedroom

Studio Type Unit (20.59 sqm)

2 Bedroom Unit (40 sqm)

Studio Type Unit (30.46 sqm)

Loft Type Unit (30.61 sqm)

Upper Loft type Unit (19.43 sqm)

Lower Loft Type Unit (30.61 sqm)

Upper Loft Type Unit (19.43 sqm)
Unit Turnover

Living and Dining Area
Ceramic Floor Tiles
Pre Painted walls and ceiling
Provision for window- type air conditioning
mount and outlet

Concrete Partition

Modular Kitchen ( Base and Hanging Cabinets )
Cabinets with Stainless steel sink
with granite counter top

Toilet and Bath
Toilet with Water Closet
Pedestal type lavatory
Ceramic Floor Tiles
Ceramic Tiles on Bathroom Walls
with soap holder and tissue

Ceiling (Living, Dining, Bedroom)

Rubber concrete, painted finish

All areas – 300 x 300 mm ceramic tiles

Living / Dining/ Bedroom – Plastered painted finish

Toilet and Bath
PPF with 300 mm x 300 mm ceramic tiles @ 1.5m high

Doors and Windows
6 mm THK Glass sliding in Powder Coated Aluminum Framed
Moulded Doors/ PVC Doors for T & B


Contact Us

Landline: 5831874
Office: 7270903
Smart Cell: 09205783273
Sun Cell : 09236446375

Email Add:

Three-tower inner city mixed-used condominium development. With 5-level podium allocated for parking & commercial spaces.

Conceptualized and designed by the world known Palafox Associates.

Amenities: Health club, swimming pool, clubhouse, garden, playground, function areas

Tower 1 Total # of Units: 335 Units With 3 elevators 2 for passenger, 1 for service

Tower 2 Total # of Units: 488 Units
Electric meter are located at Electrical room @ fire exit stair
Water meter are located outside every unit

Tower 3 Total # of Units: 267 Units
Hallway with 1.4m width

Floor plan of all models (1BR,2BR,penthouse)
What are the deliverables in the residential unit?
    Ceramic Floor Tiles @ units
Unglazed Ceramic floor tiles @ T&B
Painted Finish Walls
Granite Counter @ Kitchen w/ under counter built-in cabinet
Sliding Flush Door @ Bedroom
Sliding Glass Door @ Balcony
ACU Provision only
Aluminum Sliding Window (corner)

Where do guests park
Payment Schemes
DP Scheme - 20% / 80%
20% - payable in 24 months, 0% interest
80% - payable thru In-house and Bank

1. Regular (20% DP in 24 mos)
2. Regular (20% DP in 30 mos)
3. Special (15% DP in 24 mos, 5% on the 25th mos)
4. Deferred ( 2 yrs , 0%)

DP Scheme - 32% / 68%
32% - payable in 48 months, 0% interest
68% - payable thru In-house and Bank

1. Regular (20% DP in 48 mos)
2. Balloon Scheme (16 -16 - 68)
3. Balloon Scheme (20 -12 - 68)
4. Deferred ( 4yrs mos , 0%)
5. Straight F’ng (5 yrs, 6%)
Contact Us

Landline: 5831874
Office: 7270903
Smart Cell: 09205783273
Sun Cell : 09236446375

Email Add:



High-ceiling lobby
The Lobby Lounge
Concierge Services
Free-form Pool with Sundeck
Fully- equipped gym
Sky Garden

Landscape Architecture by Paulo Alcazaren

Floor and Level Plans

Technical Specs

If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, this link

Nice place I hope ist affordable. Hmmmm why don't I invest!

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