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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Woman's Embrace

What does a woman's embrace do to a man?

An action so powerful yet so devastating.

As a mother, a woman embrace her child to give her warmth and nourishment. The very essential things a young person needs to survive the harsh environment.

As a friend; a woman's embrace brings comfort to another female friend who broke up with her boyfriend, to a male friend it brings shield to the depression of being not accepted.As a friend, an embrace of joy of a victory and a embrace of empathy of a lost.

As lover, it gives pleasure to the senses. The soft body of a woman envelops a mans hard body;complementing human desires and urges. The supple body of a human arouses a man's inner desire that leads to what some call love or others call it passion.

To a husband it is a reassurance of trust. A support for a man's failure.

An embrace to a mistress; is a ticking time bomb. Time will tell and all will be revealed and all will be in chaos.It brings division;it brings separation.It leads to a broken family.Creates distrust and disarrayed children.

From a prostitute cause attachment. A man comes back for it because he cant find it at home. He's body longs for it....something different....something exciting...that leads to separation.

A woman's embrace is so powerful...thus all should value it. It could give comfort at the same time it could create division.

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