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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kerygma Conference: We have the power…extend our borders

The Kerygma Conference was held from Nov. 23-25 at the Ultra. It was a success!

With its power pact and life changing talks from Bo Sanchez and the various speakers, the delegates were empowered. It was an enriching experience.

Day one kick off with Fr. Orbos mass and with the initial talk by Bo and concerto of Nolyn Cabahug and Dulce. I was not supposed to be there. I was undecided whether to come or not to. But Rej told me to come with her words “saying bro pag di ka pumunta” Thus upon bidding farewell to my officemates, it coincided to my last day at the office; I rushed to Megamall to meet with Rej and Jhunanne. We went there and we enjoyed the evening. After the day one conference the other guys/members of the forum decide to have a little chit chat at Starbucks Megamall. We were joined by Cian of Davao, the reactivated member, and with Dianne aka Soul Angel.

Day 2: I was able to catch up in the afternoon and the talks were empowering.
Bro Alvin Barcelona spoke about us trusting God’s plan for us and asking God to show us His insights and ideas about our life. Often we are impatient and we wanted to things go our way but god’s will and plan will always prevail. He told us his story when he went to his province and a related asked him to visit a relative who is incarcerated in a far away penitentiary. The only means of transport was a tricycle and when it was there turn there was only one tricycle and according to his words “isang kalawang na lang magigiba na”. Then the tricycle was very slow that walking would be better and the road was rough. Due to his impatience he prayed over the tricycle so that it would speed up but it didn’t…until he complained to God that he is in a hurry…then suddenly out from nowhere a huge Toyota Fortuner nearly slams them. There he realize that God has a plan for him, that is his safety thus God didn’t speed up the tricycle.God has a top view and all we could see is our horizontal view. It is how we see each circumstance in our life. Do we see Gods plan in our life? Do we see opportunity in every situation?

Then Bro. Pio Espaniol talked about loving and sacrificing everyone’s family. No family is perfect in this world but we can make it a good one if we model it in God’s will and plans. We should put them second to God and we should always be there for them and we will be great in God’s eyes. He exhorted each husband to love there wife, each wife to serve and respond to their husband’s love, and every children to love their parents. Because a house is a place where there is no love of the family but a home is a place where love in the family dwells.

Then Bro Mike Joseph Jr. with his friends from Antipolo move everyone when they let the Holy Spirit move them and tell them that they may feel the hurts and pains of thus who are in the Conference and we all prayed for them. For their forgiveness, for their relief, and unloading of there heavy load in life’s struggles…

Then Bro. Obet talked about getting rid of our bad habits. He coined. He told us that God is a forgiving Gods that no matter who you are He forgives you…He loves us so much. He even sang a song that move every to their tears...

At night we have a great concert with Nyoy Volante, the KFAM 5, Christopher De Leon, The LOJ Music ministry, Fr. Joseph Skelton, Ruben Laurente and many more. It was a very inspiring and enjoyable night.

Day 3: It was started with a worship led by Fr. Joseph Skelton followed by Bro. Bo’s talk of freeing ourselves from being cage into thinking that we are just this small. He told each and everyone his seven principles that we are God’s champion and that we are equipped with all our needs and tools to be what God wants us to be. He told us to be not afraid of giants in our lives that kept us from extending our borders through an example with his two kids. Then it was followed by mass officiated by Fr. Joey Faller and Fr. Skelton and then the healing of those who are sick. It was a moving experience when Fr. Faller place his hands on the sick people in the wheelchair and they were able to stand, walk, see, and tremendous healing and the power of the Holy Spirit work on all those who are not only physically sick but also spiritually and emotionally sick. The members were move and all our tears fell in thanksgiving on God’s miracle. We extended our hands to bless all people and prayed over them for their healing. God works in wonder.

It was a very life changing event and each member of the forum that attended truly experience God’s moving grace. We are more bonded though we are of different backgrounds and beliefs. Truly were two or three are gathered in His name He is in our midst

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

POEA Day 1

My last document needed before I can start my work at Guam will be coming from this institution. I never thought of it. I just got my US visa a week ago when it came to my mind that I still have to secure one more document, then I finally realize that its from this institution. So I called up my brother in law in Guam to hold the ticket ordering because it still uncertain how long will I secure such. And so it started this morning. My day was an agonizing day.

Got up early to be in the POEA vicinity and for sure long lines will greet me. After the government office flag ceremony and the usual program, making the processing of documents delayed, we went to the second floor for the processing. I was expecting to finish at least the seminar called Pre-Departure Seminar but it was a sad thing to know that we were scheduled the next day. Besides that I have to have a medical exam asap because of the long releasing date of the record from the medical clinic. Because of this I spent my whole day in the Ortigas area. First half at the POEA just to get an schedule and to be told that my contract has deficiencies and second half was the arduous and inefficient Biomedix.

I was pissed of really and I started to complain. But I remembered Bro. Alvin Barcelona’s talk….that we should look at God’s perspective because He has a top view of everything. Sometimes we are in a hurry and impatient or we want things to go our way as we have planned but sometimes it wont happen as expected. Maybe we are not seeing God’s plan because we are to focus on our plan thus we should pray for more wisdom so that we can grasp God’s plan for us. God’s plan are far better than ours;His plan for you and me is the best. Let go and ask God to lend you and show you His plans….and we obey and put our trust in Him because He will not let us fall into our pits.

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