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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not knowing what to do


This post is a free writing one, please bear with me.

I only have  about 3 more weeks here in Guam, because my Visa expires on the 26 of this month and no word yet from the lawyer processing my application for extension. Before I came here the plan I had was only for three years to help my brother-in-law in his business in regards to accounting matters. But since working here I have to do other things since it is just a small business.

Right now I don't know where or what will I do. I have not yet prepared for such, it seems that I found myself lost. I am already 29 and what job opportunities are there yet in the Philippines that will employ me. I dreamed of establishing my accounting practice back in the Philippines but there are so many requirements to be attained first, also I planned to operate a franchise but it seems that I lack experience in that area, or maybe earn through online marketing but until now I have not yet found the secret to really earn by it.

So many things that I wanted to do but I find no time to do it. I don't want to be employed by the age of 40, I wanted to be the boss of my own empire by that age....and my dream is to have alot more free time to help in charitable and civic programs. 

I believed I am financially free but the idea of not possibly having a means of living for some time makes me re-think my position. How will I face this dilemma again? 

I still believe in the power of desire and yet doubt runs me over.

What I desire I can make into reality, what I focus on and work on is achievable but what do I desire?what do I really wanted in life? Am I one of the person of this world who have always been lost?

Where will I go? So much to take of, so many to fix, and no time to prepare.

 Help me God, open my mind and lead me.

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