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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The difference between a loser and a winner

Lately I kinda feel down....tired at work, lack sleep(I think I slept only 5 hours every night for the past week), low self esteem, felt like I am useless at my work, frustrated at my quest to earn via blogging, and all this negativity.

Then I got this email from Sasha says and there was a link to another blogger Symphony of Love's Blog. The last post is about failure of the some of the most famous person on earth. And also with it is a YouTube video regarding this people...who failed but were successful(see video below)

Personally the saying "Learn from your mistakes" comes to mind. It is through learning from ones failure that one becomes one step successful. If we have abandoned all our hopes of winning we are truly the loser. Winners keeps on going no matter what. This "keeps on going" attitude is the very reason why people succeeded against their failure.

So I want you to ask yourself just like Caltex's advertisement, "WHAT DRIVES YOU?"

For me now I must re-aligned my thinking. I must not give up...and find what my passion is and focus on it.

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