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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

POEA Day 1

My last document needed before I can start my work at Guam will be coming from this institution. I never thought of it. I just got my US visa a week ago when it came to my mind that I still have to secure one more document, then I finally realize that its from this institution. So I called up my brother in law in Guam to hold the ticket ordering because it still uncertain how long will I secure such. And so it started this morning. My day was an agonizing day.

Got up early to be in the POEA vicinity and for sure long lines will greet me. After the government office flag ceremony and the usual program, making the processing of documents delayed, we went to the second floor for the processing. I was expecting to finish at least the seminar called Pre-Departure Seminar but it was a sad thing to know that we were scheduled the next day. Besides that I have to have a medical exam asap because of the long releasing date of the record from the medical clinic. Because of this I spent my whole day in the Ortigas area. First half at the POEA just to get an schedule and to be told that my contract has deficiencies and second half was the arduous and inefficient Biomedix.

I was pissed of really and I started to complain. But I remembered Bro. Alvin Barcelona’s talk….that we should look at God’s perspective because He has a top view of everything. Sometimes we are in a hurry and impatient or we want things to go our way as we have planned but sometimes it wont happen as expected. Maybe we are not seeing God’s plan because we are to focus on our plan thus we should pray for more wisdom so that we can grasp God’s plan for us. God’s plan are far better than ours;His plan for you and me is the best. Let go and ask God to lend you and show you His plans….and we obey and put our trust in Him because He will not let us fall into our pits.

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