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Friday, May 15, 2009

Seminars about wealth anyone?

Hey got this email about wealth seminars, if interested why not attend them and learn to lift yourself to wealth.

Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Seminar:

Do You Want To Succeed?
Get Wisdom
Join My How To Be Truly Rich Seminar
On June 6, 2009 & Gain Financial Abundance

So many people ask me, Bo, how can you be so successful in life?
Your family life is tight, your spiritual life is superb, your physical health is great even your financial life is fantastic. How do you do it?
Short answer: I'm an eternal student.
I don't stop learning.And if you want to succeed in life, you've got to thirst for wisdom.
I've got millionaire mentors and when we get together, we always talk about the "new stuff" we're learning. It's amazing how addicted successful people are to wisdom.
Note: Not knowledge. But wisdom.
How many of you know of very knowledgeable people who are very unsuccessful in life? They have degrees and may even have a Ph.D tucked in their belt but they don't know what to do with their mountain of facts in their brain. Wisdom is different. It's practical, down-to-earth, and applicable right now in your own life. That's why my seminars are life-changing. I give wisdom, not knowledge.

Join Me On June 6, 2009

With your permission, may I make an Ad? (Sorry, this isn't one of
those long articles I usually write to you. Just a short invitation today.)
This June 6, I'm giving my Truly Rich Seminar that I know will again change the financial lives of hundreds of people. I want you to be one of them. Join me!Thousands have already attended my Truly Rich Seminar and they tell me how blessed they are. (I wish you could read the glowing emails I receive from the participants.)
In the Truly Rich Seminar, I'll help you get rid of the most common obstacles that prevent you from getting to your wealth. For example, we'll get rid of your poverty mindset and give you a wealth mindset. And there are many, many other obstacles we'll be dealing with in theSeminar. I promise you: It'll open up the way for you to gain financial freedom for yourself and your family.

How Much? You Won't Believe It

How much does it cost? Don't be shocked, but I give this seminar to companies and I charge P8,000++ per person. And companies don't mind paying that sum of money just to help their employees. But as part of my ministry, I give this as a public seminar and charge the insanely low price of *P475* only per person. (That's not a typo.) This is my way of helping as many people as possible. At this low price, seats quickly fill up. Please call up ASAP and reserve your seat before we run out of space.To know more about what I give in this seminar, click here

To reserve a seat right away, call up Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562
(Tuesdays to Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) or email her at

Remember: Success comes to those who don't delay but act now.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Citiseconline Free Seminar:




  1. thank you very much for your comment, and i am very surprised to know that you have to wake up at 1am! Gosh, never in my life I woke up at 1am! (except during new years, where we are expected to be awake until 2am...)

    May God bless you!


  2. bro member ka na ba ng citisec?

  3. Sis di pa ako investor dun....nagbabalak palang...kung ay pera na.hehehe