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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music Therapy


Our present life is inflicted with so many distractions.

The moment we wake up and our goal is to start it right but our bodies just dont cooperate. We end up lying down telling oursleves five more minutes. Five becomes ten and in no time we will be rushing to catch 
our bus or dodge traffic. Along the way we grab any food we can take hold to in the refrigerator or buy something on the way to work. Upon coming to work we are ask to do this and that and end up scratching our heads. Then the body starts to react. Probably an ache in the stomach for not eatoing healthy or mayber body pains due to lack of sleep and strecth muscles cause by your day to day grind.

Stress comes knocking at your doorsteps. The questionnow is how do you unstress?

My personal way is through music therapy. Some would say "karaoke" but I that doesnt really take out stress. Probably temporary. Listening to soothing music calms not only te body but the soul as well. Sometimes strange that it may seem rock music calls you. Some will even be more surprise if foreign language will calm you, I listen to Utada Hikaru and I like it even though I dont understand a single Nippongo word.

Music has that effect becuase of the waves. The waves in a way blend with your body's own waves and at some point a level will exactly make the right mix in the body, mind, and soul. Creating that unstressing effect.

Music sometimes brings back memories. That is why we play "We are the champions" every after a basketball championship to have that victorios feeling. We play music to empower ourselves. When we hear a music with good rythym, we start to move our body and dance. Times music puts us in a trance that makes us separate that aching feeling in the body and in due time fix itself.

So have that music time. Most of us have our Ipod or MP3 player in your mobile phone. Unstress.

Sit down and listen.

Some free music sites:

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