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Saturday, December 29, 2007

POEA Day 2

Day 2 was for my schedule of PDOS or the Pre-Departure Orientation seminar. The seminar was mostly how we will interact with the foreigners we will meet in the foreign land. How we will conduct ourselves, our rights, and also on how we will adopt ourselves to the customs and practices of the foreign land we are bound to.

It was also the day for me to get my Physical examination which I have to rush. I have to repeat my urine exam because they said it has minor problems thus paying an additional fee for the repeat exam and paying half of the original fee to expedite the release of my records….

During the PDOS I was able to meet people. One is bound to mainland USA who has a flight to catch on the Friday, it was Tuesday then. He secured a work as a computer programmer in one of the computer company. Some are bound for Canada and mostly are bound to Europe particularly Italy. There was a woman who is returning to Italy and shared some of her experiences. There was one lady bound for Guam, who works in the field of Marketing. The spokesperson of the seminar made clear why we Filipinos are one of the sought after workers in the world…that is we have been sacrificing a lot for the love of our families thus we do the very best we can in our jobs abroad so that we can support our families that we left behind.

Then in the afternoon I rushed to the accredited clinic to get my physical exam result and was hoping that I am able to secure the document I needed from POEA. I was able to get it but by the time I fell in line for the processing one document needs notarization…and time was not at my side. Processing ends at 3:30 and the time was already 3:00. No choice but to go out and find any notary, by the time I came back it’s already 3:40 and my papers were not accepted already but was ask to go back tomorrow.

I just smiled at the person behind the counter and said “Thank you!” our Lord really knows how to make me smile. I am dead tired and my back aches a lot but I have to follow; I have to do what God really wants me to do.

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