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Saturday, December 29, 2007

POEA Day 3

I was able to be at the institution on time. Fall in line and proceeded to window 9. Presented my papers and went down for assessment, then was directed to go upstairs to pay the fee and all was done. Wow this was to done just in about two hours and yet I have to go all the trouble for three days just to secure a piece of paper that will allow me to get out of Philippines.

And so I went back to the processing area and ask if there are still things to be done and was told that all is done. Then I saw this girl. I know she’s familiar. I have seen her sometime in the Feast, a Catholic Charismatic gathering of the LOJ community, and I think she needs help. I was sure it was her but I am not quite sure if she will accept a help of a stranger like me. So after sometime I mustered all my strength and approach her and asked her if she is attending the Feast. And she said yes, thus I directed her on what to do in the process. It was a short conversation and I short instruction on how will she go through the process. Again I was smiling God really makes me smile. She is bound to New Jersey and will work as a physical therapist.

And then I went to Cubao, got myself lunch and went home to get my laptop. All afternoon what I did was to write and inform my cyber spiritual family that I will soon be leaving. But I assured them that it is not goodbye, rather its just see you later. Things aren’t permanent. I still don’t know what will happen next. God has a lot of surprises for me. What awaits me in Guam is something that I don’t know. All I have to do is have faith in the Lord that He will lead me to the place where He wants me. A place where I will expand my borders.

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