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Monday, April 14, 2008

The night I wrote the things happening in my head

Can’t sleep.

I decided to just get up from bed and write things that I am currently thinking of. The first thought was about a serious talk between some of my friends at Kerygma Family. I usually attend the Kerygma Feast every Sunday and after the Feast members of the forum who meet and join the Feast eat in the Ortigas area. We were about 10 or something on that day but after lunch some left already due to some errands or appointments or commitments in the afternoon. I was left with Kaye, TJ, Lloyde, and Melhaira. After some strolling in the mall we decided to have coffee and I volunteered for the doughnut.

As usual discussions is about relationship and serious stuff for our age (we are mostly in our 20 something) and some of the complicated and intricate things about human relationships. Thoughts were thrown regarding when or how will one know if truly one says that a relationship is true or genuine and personal opinion regarding having relationship and the obstacles based on our personal experiences. On how we value a person and how we appreciate someone. I admire Melhai in her stories. She is younger than I am but she seems to be that person who has finally overcome the pain in life. She recounts how she was in the past being brat or spoiled until she learns how hard life is and found someone who loves her dearly and married her in spite of her condition. I miss her high pitch tone though it’s irritating. She just talks and talks(and we wonder if she is really sick with that lively mood she is always in) but when she remembers her life she talks seriously and starts to sound logical and give you a perspective of life that is kinda hard to believe. She cries silently while talking. Her tears just flow down her cheeks and then stops and try to put her self back by putting a smile. I miss her and I hope she recovers. We have been praying for her recovery.

We call him “bunso” and we are in awe to this young fellow. TJ is just 21(hope I’m right) and he is a professor in UP Los Banos teaching computer courses. I have never thought that this tech wiz kid knows much more of about religion than I do. He is analytical and he analyzes every arguments. He runs his blog and his topics runs from religion to everything. He has viewpoints you won’t imagine coming from an early age.

Kaye on the other hand is well my group age (hehehe) she is as old as I do and she is that kind of girl whom you can discuss things with. Sometimes serious and sometimes just I don’t know ;). I always picture her as the girl saying “anak ng tokwa” (son of tofu). At her age I know she has that self confidence to handle the pressures of life. Her doing a man’s job (she’s an architect) and taking up Masters kinda makes her different. One of the things we talked about on that day was being there for your family and one having your own family. She is not worried being alone at this age but what she pointed out was that at certain point we want to have someone to rest our tired and wearied life and just be comfortable with this someone. We talked about cars and how convenient it would be to have a van to accommodate a family to go there and here.

Lloyde was the regular guy….and Kaye would like to call him Manong due to you know….
He shared things that I can’t share here ;) but he has given me a perspective about his sharing….that sometimes things are just it and that no matter what we do it is what it is and no matter how much we wanted to untangle the complications of life it can’t be untangle. What we could do is to wait and see and hope that in the end all will be well…We have the power to chose but there are times in life that no matter how easy and great to choose one path we would rather grab the other……and live its miserable side effects……and the very reason is that it is already there and life is always been this complicated: it is the human nature to let it be. I always remember Lloyde with his gesture when the group part ways…he makes that nod with that funny look….man !!!

Right now I am wondering why I wrote these things. I hope I can meet this guys and the rest of the gang and have that talk we use to have….our topic ranges from the serious side of life to the complications and the funny side of it to the point of always not losing hope in God and that all can be made right and that He always provides us with what we truly need. I wish I can be there on a Sunday Feast in May….or maybe talk and hang out to the Makati group(that is what I saw in the forum that Makati based members see each other) on a Friday over a cup of my favorite cappuccino!!! I hope sis grace anne can be there for with us on that day: that she may have the time to fly from Cebu and just be there on a Friday over a coffee session. Talk about our fuzzy life and share and solve and discuss personal opinions.

Or maybe the overseas members like me are there on a Friday. Maybe Rowin in China, Allan and Kakay in Singapore, Bradz in New Zealand, Reina in Taiwan, Myonee in Dubai, and the rest of the guys in other parts of the world (what’s the name of that guy in the Scandinavia country?) to chat with the other guys there…it will be a grand EB all over again together with the newbies..

I am reminded of Tin who is soon working in NY, Tin C may kambal Julia, the sisteret Aya and Dianne, Mogy, the other guys like the Twins, Aileen, Ching( by the way how are you sis?), Rose, Au, Eric, Ms. July and her Eric, Stanzi, The Girl from Davao, Yumi ko, Cutieara, FTS, Bro Dacs the authority in Catholic dogma, the girl from Laguna(sis Reina what’s her name again?), and all of the guys and gals I have meet personally or through the magic of the web(like Glenda all the way from Middle east) and don’t forget our MJ sis Cha or charity or Jen….bf?(I don’t know why you and kaye cal each other bf)…

I think I have the wrong title for this one…..but nonetheless I need to sleep now because I have to do my Saturday ritual. I hope it doesn’t rain and that I can kick my self up so that I can add another block to may run-jog- walk habit. I think I need to gulp my milk to put me to sleep…its 11:30 now in Guam 9:30 in the Philippines and I don’t know for the rest of the world…Myonee I think its 4:30 in the afternoon there in your area and sis Reina its 9:30 there in Taiwan…because I just know because I know someone there ….

Really need that gulp….

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