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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gadgets Galore

Finally bought my new laptop after about two years of using my old and handy dandy Neo Laptop. I was canvassing for the past 6 months becuase I know laptops these days easily change and daily updates and upgrades are poppong out.

I was torn between an Acer laptop and a HP laptop. Acer has just been new to my consideratio list. Most of my preferences would be HP due to the fact that my former IT manager when I was till working with Orica Philippines suggest that capability and service wise, HP is the good choice than Toshiba and IBM. And so I shop aroound the limited computer retailers and shops here in Guam for the best price and got a glipse of an Acer with the so good features I wanted. But of course I still inquired about HP but to my dismay what is common to all the shops I inquired is Acer, Toshiba, and Asus.

There was a laptop that currently matches my specifications and it was an Acer unit. It has 3G Ram, 320G HDD, built in webcam, wifi ready, and a wide screen. Looking at the price of about $1,050.00 I quite have some hesitations. So I look at others. One notable one is the Asus brand. They are good units do but downside is price. I know the built of an Asus unit has been regarded as superior than other laptop thus the pricey tag. My mind was torn between these two and I ask the retailer to give me som time to thnin about it.

A week pass and i was ready to buy the Acer but to my surprise it was sold a day before. Being desperate for a laptop unit to aid me in my work...I settled for an Asus laptop for $1,200.00, quite pricey yet I am confident that this thing wont let me down in my work. With its 2G RAM, Core 2 Duo Intel processor, 250G HDD and 15.2" wide screen my work and surfing experiene will be up and running.

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