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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Website for "How to do" questions

I am just browsing the net searching how to increase my blog's view in order to generate adsense CPP when I stunbled to this site. This site has its member a chance to post queries on how to do things and at the same time post ways or solutions to do such thing. It has this payment program for those who contribute by way of starting a new "how to topic" and putting in ways to do it or also giving or leaving a way or solutions to different posted "how to's".

They pay each contributor via Paypal. They even have this eHow Writers Academy to help you on how to increase your topic topic so that your chances of earnings will be up. It is in a way paid blogging only that topic on this site is ways or solution on how to do things.

I am one of the many guys trying to learn how to earn though the internet...paid blogging was one of the ways and the way to do it is via Google's Adsense. So why not try it yourself specially this times of financial crisis, its not bad to earn money on the sidelines....

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