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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coffee moments

For nearly a year, I have not bought a gourmet coffee.

There's no Starbucks here in Guam. Even Gloria Jeans and other well known coffee shops have not yet penetrated this market. Two shops that have set foot here is Java Hut and Coffee Beanery. I am a coffee addict while I was still in the Philippines(I stop by GJ in the morning before going to work and pass by GJ to grab a cup of cappuccino or latte after a hard day's work). I have started to differentiate these two shops.

Right now I like Java hut. Their coffee are not comparable to Starbucks but they are good enough to quench the thirst of a coffee addict like me.

Coffee Beanery on the other hand is like Seattle's Best coffee. Their cappuccino is strong. One of the things that made me stick to Java hut is price. I can get the same cup of coffee at $3.75 at Java hut but at $4.50 at Coffee Beanery.

Well for the love of coffee....let's drink to our addiction.

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