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Sunday, May 23, 2010

On birthdays and growing old

It's my birthday today, May 23. 

It has been my long tradition not to celebrate my birthday. I usually just  spend it with my siblings or some close friends. The very first time I blew a birthday cake was on my 25th birthday. But today I won't be doing that, I'm to old for that. I am just here in my favorite coffee shop sipping my latte and listening to Parokya ni Edgar's Gitara. I just watched Robin Hood as a birthday gift to myself. I don't need expensive gift to be happy. Right now I am just chilling and blogging things that wonders in the corners of my mind.

As I look back and ponder I realize I am growing old. Just like my friend Agnes said to me "Kuya ang tanda mo na mag-asawa ka na." Funny but there is truth in what she says. Most of my friends, college batchmates, and former co-worker are settled. They chose a path to the married life and almost everyone always ask me that question. But in reality I'm not annoyed by it. But at the same time a I am thinking why am I single to date.

Let me first give you a background of me if you don't know me personally. I finished high school in a seminary and in our class yearbook's I was named to be the next Pope. In my first year of college any girl my classmates seen with me thinks we are together already. And at work many always pair me with someone in the office specially the gorgeous ones. I am not bragging that I am the very good looking type I guess people around me see something different in me or I am just being frame up or force to something that I have no idea myself. I am puzzled myself why other people see me that way.

I posted a question regarding soulmates. And the answers were interesting. As a Greek philosopher once said, "soulmates are one soul in two separate bodies." One complements the other. I am wondering who would that be. Who is my other half? Sometimes my mind would just imagine someone that is that kind of person. The problem is that it is only in my mind. In connection with that I saw this interesting preview. It's Matt Damon's new movie. Kinda connected to the soulmate theory that has been playing in my head. 

The title of the movie is The Adjustment Bureau. The story revolves to the topic of free will and destiny. Every person in the Earth has a written plan that should be followed. Once in a while we tend to deviate from this plan and the Adjustment Bureau are there to put one back on track to the plan. Matt Damon accidentally met a girl but as according to plan he was not supposed to meet her. The person behind the adjustment bureau showed up and tried to in way erase his memory and put him back to the plan but he choose not to follow the plan. His choice was to make a new plan with this woman but he is warned that if does so he would ruin the plan for the girl.

How about you? If you are given a chance to be place in the same situation would you rather chose your destiny or will go out your way to fulfill something you really want? Would appreciate your comments.

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