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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perry Ellis pants I found in Tamuning, Guam

I was out one Saturday shopping for a pair of pants in Ross here in Guam at the Guam Premier Outlet in Tamuning. The usual brand I know are always there but there is this name that is alien to me, Perry Ellis.

I am not that brand conscious. I would rather buy something that fits me well and that with a great fabric. I always touch the fabric and feel its texture and and if allows my skin to breathe. I got my size and look for another one and both tried them. I ended up buying both. I know this brand is not cheap. I was fortunate to see one available at Ross. 

You might wonder why is Louis blogging about pants? I think clothing is one of the tools we use today not to cover our skins but a way of telling the world who we are. Some people buy expensive things thinking it will make them look expensive. Thus the tiangge and surplus shops are booming business because it has been a mentality to  that wearing branded clothing will bring you places. In reality forcing oneself to such social strata by mimicking those that are on that group only lowers ones true self. In a way your measure of success is unclear and it has been your neighbor's standard that becomes your metric.

Success is not define by standards of an elite group of people rather success comes when you are satisfied with what one has set for himself. I did not buy those Perry Ellis jeans because I want to be one of those Perry Ellis collector but I bought it because it feels good when I wear it. I am satisfied. 

A lot of people now a days are shopaholic and impulsive buyers. Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to tame the green envy?

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