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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Bleed Art?

Why Bleed Art that is the question?

As I check out their site the name says it all. Bleed Art is a place where creators and artist converge to turn idea into reality.

Many of us have great ideas. It may be a campaign for a cause, a new product, a new restaurant, or a new service. An idea should be said in an image that says it all. Something that an ordinary person can associate such service, product or cause. That is where artist come in. Graphic artist/designers have the talent to create great logos or image but they don't have all the ideas that will be embodied in their work thus the word "bleed" that means to force out the idea and make it a reality is use.

Bleed Art is a place where ideas and talent meet. You can check their site and read their policy. There are some works that are free where you can recreate and remodel base on your idea. Or better yet contact them and discuss your ideas and they will work with you to materialize your idea.

For graphic artist who have a portfolio of creation, you can sign up and have your works be seen and be put for sale. Just go to their sell your art tab and sign up.

To learn more about Bleed Art you can drop then an email, click here to send one now.

Want to check out their art portfolio? Click here.
Below are some of their listed works:

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  1. bro, I didn't know that you wrote something for bleed-art... I just saw it now and my gosh.. it has been almost a year na! I am really grateful for this article that you did for us. THANK u so much bro. Godbless!!!