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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Our job keeps us afloat in the world were we struggle to survive. We wake up early in the morning to drag ourselves into heavy traffic of EDSA, fall in line in ques of jeepnies and buses bound to our final destination: OFFICE.

I guest we all ended up in our first job because we have to survive. It is either you were to ashamed to be under the turf of your parents after spending 6 years in a 4 year course in college or it is just that you want to prove to them that you are independent that is why you are having this job, a job not related to the course you took in college after several shifts. I once joke a friend why does she need to “ship” when all she needs to do is to take a tricycle. In the end we will just find ourselves working in an office underpaid and over task.

Passion drives us. I once read that if we could only be passionate in what we do we would be the happiest person in the world (just something like that I think?). If we are miserable with our work then I say that we are wasting all our energies and we have been long miserable because we need the job that we don’t like or enjoy. You grumble of the low salary and the mean mouth of your boss (your lucky if your boss is a good one, the one that knows how to listen, praise a good work, and financially considerate).

Then there will be times in the office which we call reorganization. What you fear is that you will be drop into a position that you never wanted or maybe you will be given a piece of paper offering you redundancy or early retirement. Every office has politics, if you don’t have connections you might end up being kicked out. So how will you improve your life in the office and do enjoy your job? Besides the pay problem which could be augmented by sidelines or if you are wise enough a manageable business, I think the other problem one faces is how one thinks of the job. If you think your job sucks it will be truly that bad. Try to search deeper what makes your job. Yes it is tiring no job is easy even not doing anything in the office is tiring. It could be the analysis part that keeps your mind alive, it could also the fascination of facing new problem to solve, or maybe just the beautiful relations of the team that you are in. If you don’t feel like that in your job I tell you are wasting your time in your job.

Yes we need to survive but as time passes you long for a passion that you dearly wanted. An unsatisfied craving will lead you to frustration and desperation. If you keep on feeding that frustration you might end up uncontrollable and worst crazy. Search within you the passion that you have and make that passion drive you. Just like a car you need fuel not only to keep on going but also in reaching your destination.

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