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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


How do you take care of your relationships? I mean not only the romantic relationship between a boy and a girl but relationship in general; friends, brothers, sisters, group, etc.

I have a friend who I cherish so much. She reminds me of my little sister that is why I always look at her as my little sister. I can talk to her everything under the sun. She also loves anime, my passion, and she is just so fun to be with for short talks from the ordinary events in our daily lives to the most intimate and serious matters of it.

Many people around us think that there is something between us that is why they always pair us. But I never look at her that way. Yes she’s pretty but I see her as someone to be a true great friend. We parted ways when she has to be in another place. At first we still communicated telling silly jokes and some quotes through text messaging. Due to our work and busy life we are not able to have time to talk just like we used to. I tried my best to catch up with her through phone in the morning before the work time rolls.

Time flies and we never heard from each other. I got busier and busier each day. I tried to text her sometime but I think she herself got busy with her job. Some chances came for us to talk over the phone but it seems we never have anything to talk about. It seems we never knew each other. That she is from a far away place that I can’t speak her language and that I can’t accept her culture. I do sent text messages sometimes but she never replies. Sometimes I think I send something awful or irritating.

I hope we have the time to talk again just like the old days. No holds bar for any topic under the sun. I miss her, my little sister friend. I hope my actions are not blocking her space. Maybe I am to much attach to her that is why she drives me away. Or maybe she has a different interpretation to my text messages or calls.

I miss her, I miss my friend.

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