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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Have you ever felt the feeling of just leaving everything and go somewhere where no one knows you. To be in a place where no one has high expectation on you, no one knows your weakness, and no one will bother you.

I read from Bo Sanchez’s books that as humans we need a time to be a part so that we can recharge our bodies so to speak. Jesus our Lord himself separates Himself from His disciples to recharge after preaching to the multitudes. If God does set time to rest and be just Himself, is it also for us humans. As they say “you cannot give what you don’t have.” You can not give time to others or even yourself if you are all exhausted thus one way is to escape. Escape from it all.

As for me, I do my escape by going to my favorite coffee shop to drink my coffee and search the internet or check my emails and listen to my favorite music. There nobody knows me, except for some of the baristas who already knew me as their constant customer, thus I have no feeling of being watch or being judge to be someone. I also jog on weekends in Riverbanks Marikina. I am shooting two birds with one stone, exercising and escaping at the same time.

The question is why do we escape? Do we escape from stress of our work, stress on our financial & family problems, or the boredom of life? I already experience boredom in life. I really hate because n matter what I do it seems that anywhere I turned to there is nothing. I constantly search companionship thus I text my old friends and classmates anything even in the middle of the night. Maybe I lack attention or that it seems that everyone has gone on with their lives and I am left alone. But don’t worry now I have already moved on that boredom by setting some goals in my life. We cannot escape it, things like this will come in our lives the only question is that are we going to let it take over our lives or are we going to face it and battle it out till we emerge victorious?

Most people’s escape is malling, eating, dating, or spending the time with someone. Problem is when you do this way your attention is either directed to the other person or thing instead of you. The problem is you thus the solution is in you. Back in the seminary we spend the whole Saturday evening in silence. We call it Silencio Magnum or Great Silence. In this activity no one is allowed to speak from six in the evening till the next day. The entire seminary is enveloped by silence that you can even hear the soft wind in the night when you are sleeping. We have our dinner at seven and a spiritual talk around 8 that will last for an hour. Then we pray our evening prayers and go to sleep. I love the silence. It relaxes and re-energizes the body. And it allows you to see yourself; to search the depths of your soul.

Escape to correct your mistakes, your faults, your flaws, and your hurts. After you have energized and fixed yourself you have the guts again to face the world. You have another chance to be the person that you are supposed to be and live life to the fullest as God has planned for you.

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