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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I got myself into jogging after noticing my growing waistline and when my company’s safety manager sends an email regarding the risk of overweight people. This was followed by the doctor’s findings when I went to our one project site for scheduled physical count. It has been a regulation of the company that when you step in the island. According to his check up I was overweight for my age and height. Thus I came to jogging.

I played basketball when I was in the seminary. I also engaged myself to table tennis and once tried tennis. Upon entering college (I left the seminary after graduating in high school), I never have any form of physical exercise like basketball. I resorted to yoga that made my back somewhat flexible but for some time I stopped and never got back. And when I started working, the more that I deprived my body of physical exercise. Thus I decided to jog every weekend, early morning on Saturday and late afternoon on Sunday, to make up for that exercise I needed.

My jogging course is from our apartment to Marikina Riverbanks and back. It’s quite long but as time passes it seems that the distance is just short. At first I made my round for more than an hour but now I think it takes me forty five minutes. My sisters and brother says that my jogging has no effect on my tummy but I think my feeling has become better. Brisk walking they say has beneficial benefits. I so decided to continue on jogging.

One thing I like most is the scene every time I jog. Every Saturday morning most people jogging are those in the middle age to old age people. Sometimes some cute girls are jogging. Some go there to play badminton. Some are people who spend the night there, mostly lovers, who enjoyed talking thus the sun rose up to them already. On Sundays the scene depends when there is a concert in the area. Mostly the people are family, group of friends, and some lovers who have there own places to talk. My brother went once with me jogging. He has a funny observation about the lovers that I was telling him. Most of them are maids, yayas, and drivers (no offense to them). He would say it’s because its day off. But I don’t care, I think its good that they have time to talk even just in a park were in they wont spend much for a date. As for me I came to enjoy my jogging time. I think I will continue it, to have a time observing other people who are happy in spite of their status of living.

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