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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I came home late due to the bad weather. I spent an hour waiting for the bus and took a train ride and rode a jeepney till I finally reach my house. It was Wednesday and it was Grey’s Anatomy’s day in our favorite channel. The episode was about the death of Ormaly’s dad.

Come to think of it, Ormaly is a doctor and he was presented with a situation he faces when one of his patients dies. He takes the place of the love one of a patient and he was place in a situation where he has to face the fact that his dad has no chance of recovery and as a doctor he knew it in the first place yet there is the “love one” in him that wants to reject all explanation. He can’t be the doctor who accepts the fact of death; he is now the son who has to fight that unacceptable truth. His mind will keep on questioning where was wrong.

In our daily lives we will face the same situation. We will be the person who knew the fact but yet we are also the same person who keeps on holding on and wont let go. Things will be difficult to accept yet it will happen no matter what you do. Death and taxes are the two permanent things in the world just like in the movie “Meet Joe Black.” Death is like a thief in the night. It comes when least expected and takes the precious things in our lives, our love ones. Mostly people are unprepared to die. When one learns that there time in earth has come to an end they try to spend quality time with there love ones. As if to compensate for the lost time when they are at work during there son’s first karate match, there daughter’s piano recital, there wife’s birthday, parents anniversary, and so many occasions which celebrates the beauty of life. They will complain why life is so short. They will be regretful of not giving attention. Same too with those who will be left behind. They will think of the what ifs. What if I was there so that mom should have not been knocked down by the door, I should have been there when dad had the heart attack I could have rush him to the hospital, I could have been there to save her.

Life has its end. No matter what we do. We grieve not because we lost someone but because we never had the chance to make a difference in a person’s life when in fact we have all the time to do it. We pity ourselves because we let all the chances we have just pass. One joke my brother said is that when we were still alive cannot afford to sleep in a very soft bed but when we die we are laid in a very expensive casket, gold or silver plated. This is irony of life.

Thus we the living should not let ourselves be drown in grief. It is a fact that we will all die, what makes a difference is how we make the most of our limited living years. No matter how long or how short one has walk the surface of the earth the only thing everyone talks about during the wake is how the deceased live his life. So I advice you not to waste our life, we must go on living and make a difference.

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