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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have you ever been lonely?

A good day to you my fellow friendsterer! Hope I find you in good spirit in this lovely Sunday. May I ask if it is not that much to ask if have you ever felt loneliness even in a very minimal amount of time?

Though life is suppose to be beautiful we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we feel the inevitable loneliness in our hearts! Maybe you have just broken up with someone you dearly love and as the gap between the present time and that hated day of break-up you feel the sadness in your heart. But that is not what I am feeling now. What I am feeling now is that I don't know how I feel. It pains me to be in this kind of situation were I don't know what to do or how to spend the entire Sunday. Yesterday I was given a chance to share my understanding of the Holy Trinity to a fellow Kerygmafamily Forum subscriber. She's from Indonesia and her problem was that she has no father figure in her life and thus she cannot picture the God the Father and because of that she thinks she is committing a sin. I was awed by this girls sincerity and eagerness to know about God. Yesterday I was very happy to be able to extend and help a fellow human who has a problem even through cyberspace. But right now I feel sadness because of the emptiness that I feel due to the lack of something to do. Today I have gone to my doctor for a follow up check up but it was just a quick time and I am left out doing nothing for the day. I miss the days of chatting with my friends, remembering our college days and teasing whose with and whose broken up in their relation. I hope you don't find my blog boring. I remembered my professor back then when he told the class that after college life would be boring thus one must not stop pursuing their passion and not allow your hands to be empty of work. I guess writing will be the only way I can fight boredom. Tomorrow I' ll be flying to Legaspi for my work. I'll be there for two and a half days. I hope when I'm there this loneliness will be shaken off.

Just want to share a thought to you, I hope you don't find this blog corny. Have a nice day!!

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