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Saturday, July 14, 2007


“Only in the Philippines” that’s what they say when foreigners would bear with us the rush hour drama of every day Filipino life. My office moved last October and the additional distance means additional cut in my sleeping time so that I woke up early in the morning to catch my train. From my apartment I have to ride the jeepney bound to Cubao and drop off Gateway Mall to walk to the MRT station which is in Fairmart. From there I ride the train to stop at Ayala station so that in turn I can ride the Fort Bus so that I will be at the area early in the morning. If I left my apartment an hour before work starts I will be caught in traffic especially in the MRT train where you don’t know how you will be able to get in due to the jump pack situation everyday.

That is just my morning ride. The other is when I go back home. I am fortunate when my officemate will be fetch from the office from the ungodly hour of our leaving the office but if time comes worst to worst I have to ride the Fort bus which takes time to come in the waiting area and MRT at Ayala station where a kilometer line is waiting for me each night and it will be a miracle when the line is just short. I drop off at Cubao station to take jeepney ride to rest back at home. Though this traffic is kind of annoying there were moments when you enjoy the ride.

There were times when the train is empty and you can grab a seat and enjoy the smooth ride of the train. You will be able to see the giant billboards along Edsa and laugh at catchy lines or the seductive pictures of endorsers. Or you will notice that a certain person is always on the same ride that you are catching thus it seems that you are as we call it “classmates” in that ride. There are times when you see someone from your high school years, elementary years, and a friend of your siblings, and somebody else that has been a part of your life.

Sometimes I have some friends who happen to be on the same way thus we spent the ride together and talk about our office work, the happenings in the office that day, and sometimes our personal lives. I f in case the train has been always full one of my friend suggested that we take a round trip. We rode the train on the other side and at the last station we let the others leave and we take their seats thus we have seats going to Cubao. We usually joke or tell our stories while enduring the added travel time but its okay; it is worth while time spending specially with people you trust.

Yes we have a worst traffic situation. The important thing is that you enjoy the ride. As one text message said “though we have bumps and turns the important thing is that we enjoy the ride of our lives.” Our lives will always have this certain traffic; it is we that decide when this ride would be happy. Enjoying it would be a good idea than to rant and blame others. Live life to the fullest and ride your way to your drams!

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