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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Have you ever experience discovering lies of a person you mostly trust? It may be from your best friend, your brother or sister, your parents, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your officemate or boss, your church leader, or somebody you didn’t think would do such a thing. Were you stunned? Were you shocked? If your discovery will lead to a bad thing will you tell it to someone, shut up, or go to the person involve and confront him or her to tell it herself before others get hurt.

Trust is one of the most important things when we deal with people. If no one trusts you, you will be bared from so many opportunities and unimaginable possibilities. The details I will dispose below are juts my ideas. They are not actually true just may idea which I observed or heard from the current streams of information. Any of my examples are not made to pinpoint someone that you and I may know but just for example sake based on my observations and deep thinking.

Case 1: Cheating husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend
What if one day your partner was late or never came to your agreed meeting time or place and suddenly reason out that there was something at the office or at home. Or maybe for most married people your partner is always out of the house and reasons out the tonnes of work he or she has to do or something came up at home or school thus he or she can’t come. Then your suspicion rise and you investigated and found out that your partner is having an affair, how would you react to this situation. Maybe if you are watching Grey’s Anatomy like me you’ve watch the hanged underwear in the bulletin board episode. Would you the same by exposing the entire secret affair for all to know and act as if you didn’t know it. Hard to tell doesn’t it. Or the common story your best friend and your partner has an n affair under your noses. I think that more hurts thus most soaps do this story. Which will you chose to save your friendship or your relationship?

Case 2A: Office affairs
What if you found out that one of your officemate is doing some other job with your boss. What if one day you accidentally saw your officemate playing fire with the boss? How would you feel toward your officemate or your boss? Will you blow the whistle and share it to your other officemates. What if because of that affair that officemate of yours got promoted instead of you will you cry foul? I read once from a magazine, I think it was my sister’s Cosmo(yes I do read a lot even women’s mags for information), in the Darkest secret section that a newly hired girl in an office dress seductively and she got her boss fired up those they ended up doing it in the boss’ office during office hours. What if this girl was your officemate and after staying in your company for only a month got promoted by passing you. Wouldn’t you protest and shout out what you have seen?
Case 2B: Office money embezzlement
One day you were checking the office bank accounts and your eye caught an unusual transaction which was not in your bank statements but was recorded in your company books and upon tracing it was craftily manipulated thus ending up a balance bank and book records. You thought it was done only once due to unavoidable circumstances of need but your further investigations leads to an amassed amount that you didn’t think such person would do. Would you report this to your supervisor or your boss? Or you would shut up because you were afraid that the issue of security was not made and at the end the fault will be place in you because your boss was not able to justify such events to the higher bosses. You are caught in the middle aren’t you?

Case 3: Family secrets
What if one day you found out that your parents done something very bad in the past and they move in to your new place before you were born so that they could escape the shame and punishment of their past. Would you shun away from them and try to avoid the surging of the idea in your head every time you in front of them or you will tell it right in there face that you knew it.

Case 4: Secret of a high performing classmate
It is common story in most TV series. The schools top student was actually cheating. This particular student was performing way to far from most of the class and you were just the lowly second place. Most of the schools’ top professors highly commented this student and you were just a second rate for them. And in the dark areas in the school you discovered that this student has an accomplice inside the registrar or any school department that allows this student to have access to questions of every exam thus he or she knows the correct answer to each question. Will you allow this to happen and be berated or will you stand up and fight for your place.

I think I have no more space to write all the lies that you and me can see. Above are just the common things I observed. The question now is what will you do?

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