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Saturday, July 14, 2007

To be or not to be

Most of us are always confused in life. We have to chose between this and that in order to get this or that so that we can be this or that or we can have that or this.Complicated right?Yes life is complicated. I have also suffered such already from the petty things you have to decide on the the most urgent thing you hav eto decide for your life. Sometimes we're afraid that the outcome will not be good. In life we have to make decisions no matter what. The action not to decide is itself a decision. So no matter how hard or how much or how many will get hurt in your decision you must make one. Your life depends on it. I would like you impart what have I learned in my life. Though I'm only 25 going 26(some say to oung , others say I'm old already) I have learned something and I will share to you two things that I learned.

First dont be afraid to make a decision. Why you say so?Because your desicion will be the basis of your life. If you want to go to a certain destination you wont reach that destination unless you decide to make that very first step towards that direction. Most of the time people say I wish I have a better life or I hope I would achieve this. I tell you you wont get thise unless you decide to move and do something. By just saying I wish, I hope, or I will is not yet the decision. A decision is made when a change come into being. Even you want to be rich but you wont even move an inch to make a plan or start a business you wont get rich. Most people are like this. They state it and do nothing about it and when time has alredy passed they would say they missed an opportunity.Kick your butt now and be brave to make a move.

Second is you must narrow your decisions to only to two. Yes having choices is great but it makes it harder to decide. By narrowing it into it is either or, neither nor. Its either you go to the left or the right. That's how simple it is. Many will complain that's impossible or hard.So I suggest that you make a hierarchy of your choices. By doing this you can determine which are just alike and which are entirely not related thus chances are you will end up into just two decisions.

I'm not a life guru. But these things are always just around us. God created the world very simply, it is only us humans who complicated it because of our unquenching thirst for more. If only we could decopline ourselves and enjoy more what we have than yearn for things that we dont have I think the more that we will truly appreciate God's creation.

If you which to comment on my blog why not, mits your choice. God bless!

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