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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Help me in my dilema that is causing me a feeling of dilema

Now I got your attention. Actually right now I already feel ok. Yesterday I declined a good job offer from Coke Export. The job will be located in Canlubang, Laguna and the position offered was a Plant Cost Accountant. I just got back from my work in Antipolo City, I did a physical inventory of our explosives stock in the storage sites of our affiliate company. I came straight to Coke's office in Makati since this meeting with the Financce Manager for operations and with their HR was already postponed last Thursday since I just came back also from my work in Rapu Rapu Island, Albay. I was informed about the job offer while I was in Rapu Rapu. Iwas surprised when I was contacted because I'm was not expecting any call from Coke since I was already inform that I underqualified for the position. From that time on I drop off all my chances of being employed by Coke. A few days after that text message my brother in law in Guam came to the Philippines to look after some personal matters in Pampanga(he's from Pampanga) and me and my sister met up with him. He ask if we could help him in his company in Guam since we both have accountig backgrounds. Being without any commitment to local employment(my other application was with Sheel Shared Services but they haven't called me up to now) so I said yes to my brother's offer. We communicated to email and I asked him for the requirements. His lawyer has submitted a list of requirements and I readily provided those requirements then couried them asap. The head hunter who got me for Coke called me around late February and ased me if I can provide her with my latest payslip and 3 references. I was surprised since I dont expect any thing like that because they have already informed me that I was underqualified. But thinking it over my application in Guam might take a while so I gave her the things she needed the next day. I commented to her that I was already informed that I was underqualified and she told me that they have reconsidered me. From there i just left it that way not expecting anything from Coke. Then they called my references. There I was already thinking. If ever they'll hire me how about mt Guam employment. It was already on process. then the call came when I was in Rapu Rapu that I was scheduled for an job offer but I inform her that I am currently on a OB and that I'm not quite sure if I'll be back in Manila by that time. While I was in the Island, I stumbled on a mishandling of cash by our site manager. From there my mind was fixated on this problem. I cam back to Manila and have to report asap about the cash problem. Then my head hunter called me about the meeting I was to have at Coke. I told her that I am on a problem in our office that needs my full attention. The HR of COke also called and all I can do is to tell her that I have this thing in the office. While I was home bound I remenbered my COke job offer, I know its already late and probably its already early dawn in Guam but I managed to email my brother. the next day I went with my work with a divided mind wether to accept Coke's offer or not. Then I got my brother's reply. My application was 100% and if approved I'll be joining them in Guam by Oct or Nov this year. I thought about it. Then I decided to go to Coke see their offer and explain the dilema. I did that. The offer was good. I can earned about nearly half a million pesos in a year and with good benefits. Then the bad part came. I explained to the manager what has transpired and the decision I have come up to. They were stunned and frustrated. I told them that if ever they want to hire me it would be in a short period thus they will be wasting time and money on me since its evitable that I will leave them. The manager agrees with me but I think he was shocked since the position was really immediate because of the reorganization in the company. My head hunter called me while I was going home already and she was also shocked. I know she has a lot of explaining to do to her boss especially the "underqualified thing" since it came from her. I dont reallly blame her for that. She kept on digging on the reasons why I declined the offer because she'll confronted by her boss. I walked her through the events that transpired telling her that I have already said "YES" to my brother in laws offer for a job in Guam. She finally understand it and we said our goodbyes.

Now though I spved the dilema I was into right now I am still thinking. What if my brothers estimate will not come and that I will be able to work in Guam by next year. Lost opportunity right? But I dont want to take advantage of Coke's offer and leave them after taking their money. I dont want to be branded as a oppotunist.

Just want to share to you what's bugging my head. Hope you dont find it boring. LIFE GOES ON, ALL WE COULD DO IS HOPE FOR THE BETTER.

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